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Published: Thu Oct 06 2005

STREET TALK: Da Official Guide to Hip-Hop & Urban Slanguage, by author, Randy "Moe Deezy" Kearse is a 700+ page dictionaryguide that interprets the often complex and gritty slang language of todays young people.

With over 10,000 entries, variations, cross references, and textual examples, this book more then meets its claim to be the OFFICIAL dictionaryguide for Hip-Hop & Urban slang.

Mr. Moe Deezy proves that he has his finger on the pulse of both cultures.

Young people as well as adults will benefit from STREET TALK. Educators, law enforcement, and parents will find this guide extremely resourceful as it breaks-down the hip expressions, coded jargon, and secret word play used among young people.

STREET TALK covers every aspect of the Hip-Hop & Urban "street" culture.

Today with Hip-Hop and Urban cultures stranglehold on the mainstream, slang has passed the days of being a passing fancy and only the lingo of the inner city, slang has crept into the suburbs and rurual areas of America.

If you're not hip, I guarantee you will be once you read STREET TALK, and at the very least, you know that phat means something "outstanding, unique or the best of its kind".

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