Hewlett Packard’s Snapfish teams up with Pigsback.com

From: Pigsback.com
Published: Thu Oct 06 2005

Today, Pigsback.com agreed an exclusive deal with an online digital photo service. The partnership with Snapfish allows Pigsback to strengthen its member’s proposition, whilst driving registrations and encouraging its highly-targeted audience to use the Snapfish service.

Snapfish’s digital photo service allows consumers to print, create and share photos online with friends and family. It also provides members with the facility to upload as many digital photos as they like and offers a personalised gift service. Pigsback members are incentivised to interact with the brand with the exclusive offer of 20 free prints once they have signed up to the service and gaining PiggyPoints for purchases made online.

Cillian Barry, Pigsback’s Commercial Director, says: "Our partnership with Snapfish increases the depth of offering to our members by providing a service that is interactive and fun. Using content such as photo competitions we are able to generate a buzz around the service, which increases brand awareness and drives customer registrations for Snapfish."

Pigsback came up with the ‘Pimp My Pig’ photo competition to encourage members to use the digital photo service. Members send in photos of their stress pigs dressed in various guises, for example ‘Punk Pig’ will be wearing a leather jacket, creating a real sense of fun, community and trust, which encourages members to return to the site.

Steve Carrod, Marketing Executive for Snapfish, says: "Working with Pigsback allows us to tap into an extremely valuable online community. This community element of the site is very important to us, as it allows Snapfish to not only to generate long-term customer acquisition, but also gain access to a quality online audience to encourage user interaction."

The Snapfish service will be available in various sections of the Pigsback site from ‘Going out’, to ‘Travel’ and ‘Gifts’. Pigsback members have shown a willingness to interact with brands on a regular basis when the content is targeted and relevant.


Editor’s notes

About Pigsback

Pigsback.com is a reward-based consumer site, which has become the sixth biggest in Ireland, and has won both digital and marketing awards. The company creates successful consumers and brands partnerships: where consumers are rewarded and brands are able to reach carefully targeted audiences.

The core values of the company are based on Empathy Marketing® principles, which are: permission-based; relevance; edge; mix of hard and soft messaging; frequency of communications; messages, not adverts; and development, not technology.

This concept redefines the relationship between the brand and the consumer through trust, reward, feedback and fun - mainly in the lifestyle and entertainment arenas.

The Pigsback website specialises in providing a unique marketing service in which brand messages are welcome to the target consumers, which is primarily females, aged 25-35 and in the B/C1 demographic. Its skilled team balances marketing and communications with a strong understanding of technologies and business processes. Furthermore, the company is committed to providing a quality service that is mutually beneficial to brands and consumers alike.

Current brand partners include Ebay, Blockbuster, UGC Cinemas, CD WOW!, Figleaves, Virgin Wines and toptable.co.uk.


About Snapfish and Snapfish UK

Snapfish is the leading online photo service, with over 15 million members worldwide and more than 600 million photos online. Snapfish enables digital camera, and camera phone owners to upload, share, print and store their most important photo memories at the lowest prices - online or off.

Digital camera and camera phone users upload photos into a password-protected online album where they can edit, share and store their photos for free, in addition to ordering professionally developed prints, for just 10p everyday, or as low as 8p with their prepaid plans.

For additional information contact Caroline Titmuss at +44 (0) 20 7853 2278 or Caroline.Titmuss@porternovelli.co.uk, or simply visit www.snapfish.co.uk.


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