reveals over a quarter of UK motorists have a pet name for their car

Published: Mon Aug 01 2011 has revealed new research that shows 33% of car owners initiate a daily car-versation with their motors, talking to them not only about day-to-day matters and their frustrations on the road, but also about relationships and personal problems.

The average UK motorist considers their car to be female, with a personality that is sensible (25%), cute (8%) or playful (7%). Findings also confirm that 16% of men see their cars as women, choosing words such as sexy (6%) and mischievous (5%) to describe the personality of their vehicles.

Peter Collett, Psychologist and author of 'Driving Passion - The Psychology of The Car' suggests that naming your car can reduce the risk of incidents on the road.

"A majority of car owners feel the need to give their car a distinctive name, usually an affectionate title that expresses how they feel about their car and how they regard it as being different from everyone else’s. The drive to individualise one's car in this way is very widespread and it also lays the foundation for how people treat their cars. By giving their car a special name, drivers are treating their car as something that deserves to be cared for - a friend, a pet, a companion, sometimes even a lover."

So, to encourage the nation to care for its cars, has developed an online car name generator, which automatically generates a name for the user's car. Customers simply answer a few questions about their motor such as colour, personality, number of years of ownership to generate a name. User's will also be able to print out a certificate, which can be kept with vehicle documents or passed on to the next owner.

Gareth Kloet, Head of Car Insurance: at said: "Nearly one fifth of motorists who name their cars believe it encourages them to be more careful on the roads. We have nicknames for our friends, partners and even pets so why not our cars. Drivers with an emotional attachment to their vehicles are more likely to take better care of it on and off the road. We're calling for all motorists to use the car name generator, and start caring for your car."

Additional findings from the survey also uncovered a variety of unusual pet names for cars including Albie the great, Baldrick, Claris, Elektra, Lemmy, Michaelangelo, Snoop, Talulah, Florence (the machine) Horatio, Fadgehammer and Yannis.
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