Features Biotech Stock Update: "Training Special Forces Units to Fight Can

Published: Thu Oct 06 2005 Features Biotech Stock Update: "Training Special Forces Units to Fight Cancer" at the Insiders Corner by Michael Brush

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., October 06, 2005 -, a global investor website for the biotechnology sector, is pleased to offer an updated exclusive commentary on biotech stocks. The article, "Training Special Forces Units to Fight Cancer" featuring Oxigene, is part of the regular "Insiders Corner" column, by well-known financial writer and author Michael Brush. Mr. Brush also writes a weekly market column for CNBC on MSN Money. Mr. Brush has covered business and investing for the New York Times, Money magazine and the Economist Group. Biotech and Pharmaceutical Research: an investor and industry news portal for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical sector. The Biotech and Pharmaceutical website does not make recommendations, but offers a unique free information portal to research news, exclusive articles, interviews, investor conferences and a growing list of participating public companies in the sector.

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By Michael Brush, "Insiders Corner"
Training Special Forces Units to Fight Cancer
October 06, 2005

Many investors avoid biotech stocks out of sheer habit. They were either burned by this notoriously volatile sector in the past (they are leery of money-losing companies that may have to do a dilutive financing), or they know that even analysts who master the intricacies of the science behind drug development still have a tough time picking winners.

All of these potential problems are legitimate concerns. That’s why following the insider signal is particularly useful in biotech - a group that can provide handsome returns when you select the right plays.

One of these might be Oxigene (OXGN), a tiny cancer treatment research company. Oxigene has multiple Phase I and Phase II tests that are yielding positive results, and the company has strong financials. It’s also targeting life-threatening diseases for which there are few treatments – exactly the kinds of therapies that the Food & Drug Administration is more likely to approve.

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