"Spying is Sexy, and it's OK

From: LuvSpy.com
Published: Sat Mar 12 2005

We see too many shows and movies—and music videos—advocating infidelity. Many men and women alike have the notion that "playing" is acceptable—hell, even cool. Not the case. Oh, and for those of you who feel it is only limited to the downtrodden and unattractive, think again.

Dyana Barnes, an educated, attractive and classy black woman, was the victim of a man’s infidelity. After thinking she knew said person for twenty years, she was enlightened by his significant other and had her eyes opened the hard way.

We see plenty of cases where women—particularly Black and Latina women—kick their men’s butts and mess up their cars upon realizing they are being two-timed. Even worse, many people who realize they are unwillingly sharing the same lover decide to fight each other, forgetting that the blame lies in the person who was unfaithful (yes, ladies, we see a lot of this in ourselves). The aforementioned behavior is not that of Dyana Barnes. This strong black woman decided to take matters in her own hands, and instead of becoming bitter and closing herself off to love again, she decided to add another career title to her booming role as an Accountant—she started her own boutique investigative agency, specializing in background checks on spouses and significant others.

Today, Dyana has a team of expert Investigators, Decoys and Relationship Counselors willing to help people check up on their loved ones and work through the mental anguish of realizing they are not the only ones. "It’s practical—no one is telling you not to love and trust someone. But, you should trust your intuition, and before committing yourself blindly, there is nothing wrong with checking up on someone", says Dyana.

Dyana Barnes, a proud single mother and strong advocate for women’s issues (she uses her strength and education to mentor survivors of domestic violence), believes she should use her experience positively and assist women in becoming stronger and more informed. For more information on Dyana Barnes and her outstanding work, please contact me at the above referenced numbers.


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