Love Rules in Mobile Greetings Cards Top 10

From: Stampster
Published: Fri Oct 07 2005

7 October 2005 – The Top 10 styles used for mobile phone greetings cards during September show that love and affection are uppermost in users’ thoughts when sending messages, according to data released today by Stampster, the no-subscription mobile greetings website.

The two most popular frame styles for pictures sent to mobiles from the Stampster website were ‘love hearts’ and ‘kisses’ – showing that picture messaging on modern handsets has enabled phone flirting to remain a firm favourite for mobile mischief.

In third place was ‘beer goggles’ superimposed over a user’s photo, which Stampster believes reflects usage of the site during Freshers’ Weeks as students across the UK head to universities and colleges.

The complete September Top 10 listing of mobile picture frames was:

1. Love Hearts
2. Kisses
3. Beer Goggles
4. 1st Class Stamp
5. Googly Glasses
6. ‘Wanted’ Sticker
7. Happy Birthday
8. Tiara
9. Jail Bars
10. Spaceman

Stampster co-founder Dominic Conlon said:  "The chart from our site shows that love is high on the agenda for mobile messaging – users like to combine the immediacy of text with the fun and flirt factor of a customised image. It also shows that seasonal events like Freshers’ Weeks influence the look and feel of the messages that people want to send. Surprisingly, very few people sent our ‘hung over’ picture frame!"

Stampster is a no-subscription picture customising website.  Simply by uploading a digital photo of a person or group to Stampster and adding a number of custom picture frames, people can create any type of mobile phone greeting including "I love you", "happy birthday", "I’m sorry", "you’re dumped" and many others.

Stampster offers users over 100 different fun frames for customising their photos, with new frames being added all the time.  From Stampster’s easy-to-use interface, anyone can overlay a range of frames and text on their photos for every occasion.  They can then ‘stamp fun on a phone’ by sending the photos as a mobile greetings card to family or friends for £1.50 per image, which is charged to the sender’s mobile phone bill.

The Stampster service has no ongoing subscription costs whatsoever, unlike many other mobile content services which have come under fire from both the public and telecoms watchdog ICSTIS for their complicated and expensive subscription-based charging structures. 

Users can also show off Stamped images free on their personal weblogs or store created images in a free online Stampster album. Users can explore the site’s functions for free at   The service is entirely web-based, with no need to download software to a PC.

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