Scripting and partial web deployment for Windows Installer made easy

From: InstallAware Software Corporation
Published: Fri Oct 07 2005

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InstallAware Software Corporation Releases InstallAware 2005 Second Edition

Scripting and partial web deployment for Windows Installer made easy

San Francisco, CA, August 26 2005 – InstallAware Software Corporation has released InstallAware 2005 Second Edition for Windows Installer; software for ISVs and systems administrators building, deploying, and repackaging installations targeting a diverse range of platforms, including Microsoft Windows, .NET, Internet Information Services, Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, and Oracle Database platforms.

What sets InstallAware 2005 Second Edition apart from other Windows Installer tools is how it goes by building an MSI file. The graphical choices such as adding files and registry entries are provided as most tools offer. However, when you switch to the IDE Code View, you do not see a list of MSI sequences and actions, but an easy to read and manipulate script that spells out each installation action to be taken by the MSI, and under what condition. "Anyone that has played with custom actions will know that there are many limitations when trying to work with simple constructs such as an if-else condition," says Sinan Karaca, President of InstallAware Software Corporation. "InstallAware makes MSI scripting work as you wish it did, and when you build your setup, you automatically get an independent MSI that works without requiring a proprietary scripting runtime." The two-way integrated IDE parses the setup script and updates the Visual View whenever you make changes, and the other way round, so installation development in true RAD fashion is possible for the first time.

InstallAware 2005 Second Edition continues to offer its unique Partial Web Deployment technology. Partial Web Deployment splits an installation file into multiple segments: a setup.exe file for the main application, and web media blocks for optional features and runtimes. The result is a self contained installer with the fat trimmed off – application runtimes and rarely used features are placed online, yet the downloaded setup is fully functional, without requiring an Internet connection to run.

InstallAware 2005 Second Edition introduces support for 256 bit AES encryption that protects the entire setup payload with a password. Also, setup features can now be defined on-the-fly during an installation. Used together, these features help build installers that dynamically configure their feature sets based on user authentication, delivering unified setup.exe files that install trial or full editions of products.

InstallAware 2005 Second Edition’s script editor has been updated to allow in-place editing and code folding, greatly simplifying the maintenance of complex setup scripts. New Project Converters import setup projects created in other installation environments directly into InstallAware. The new Localization Wizard extracts localizable strings from setup projects, and packages them into an easily localizable form by any third party, including a freely redistributable visual Localization Tool. The Setup Decompressor has been updated and now automatically processes pre-compressed setup packages so they can leverage InstallAware’s superior compression rates. InstallAware’s native compression is so powerful that it reduces the .NET Framework installer to less than half its original size, down to 11 MB from its original 23 MB.

The powerful dialog designer in InstallAware 2005 Second Edition has been updated to allow more control properties, such as alpha blending and transparencies. Combined with the unique interactive Flash and HTML interactive billboards, InstallAware setups make a lasting first impression – all delivered while your product is being installed.

InstallAware 2005 Second Edition is available in four editions, with prices starting at US$199. A time limited trial and more information is available at

About InstallAware Software Corporation:
InstallAware Software Corporation was founded by a former InstallShield employee in 2003. The company focuses on software installation technologies for the Windows Installer platform and strives to bring a fresh approach to the setup development process. The privately held company has received numerous seed investments from venture capital firms and is a Borland Technology Partner.
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