Organic Recycling Technologies Inc. Announces Signed Cooperative Joint Venture Contract to Build a W

From: Organic Recycling Technologies Inc
Published: Fri Oct 07 2005

The Chongqing Group is contracted to obtain the land, all permits, 25 year guaranteed waste contracts to ensure facility profitability and a financial guarantee to purchase the facility from Organic Recycling at cost plus 20% following three months operations.

The Chongqing Group is a comprehensive state-owned enterprise group that engages in foreign economic & technical cooperation and trading activities in China and abroad.

The Chongqing Group has annual revenues exceeding $200 million per year and been operating for over 18 years, with branches on every continent and over 30 countries. The Chongqing Group is involved in contracting construction projects, project supervision, labor services provision and training, merchandise import and export, industrial manufacturing covering auto parts, garment and food processing. Its domestic businesses and joint ventures now penetrate into high-tech products manufacturing as well as tourism.

The Chongqing area of China has a population exceeding 30 million people requiring over 100 additional waste conversion facilities. The Chongqing Group will build each additional site in the Chongqing area for Organic Recycling under the same guaranteed terms and conditions as this first project.

Danny Huang, a partner in Waste Consultants Limited, Organic Recycling’s agent for China, stated, "With the signed agreement for Chongqing, China completed, all parties will move to quickly complete the first facility providing Organic Recycling Technologies a presence in China and will guarantee 100 additional sites."

Ralph Petruzzo, President of Organic Recycling stated, "Now this allows the project to move forward to the next stage of the first facility in China and this will quickly generate new multi-million dollar opportunities throughout Chongqing and China for Organic Recycling and its shareholders."

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