Ticket Brokers and Scalpers Capitalize on Demand for Red Sox Tickets

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Published: Sat Mar 12 2005

BOSTON – Fans of Red Sox baseball have never been as excited about the start of a season as they are right now. Tickets for games at Fenway Park are virtually sold out because the members of "Red Sox Nation" believe their team will win the World Series for a second year in a row.

Only a few single seats and obstructed view seats remain available for a limited number of games, and most of the games at Fenway Park are completely sold out.

There is a similar story in every Major League Baseball venue. Whenever the Red Sox are in town tickets are virtually sold out. Yankee Stadium, the House that Ruth Built, where the biggest rivals in sports renew their battle on April 3, is sold out as well.

If you want to see the Red Sox play baseball, and if you do not already have your tickets in your hand, your options for getting tickets are rather limited. Ticket brokers and scalpers are having their best pre-season sales ever.

A quick search of eBay found 13,193 listings for baseball tickets and 3,412 of those listings are for Red Sox tickets. That’s 26 percent or one fourth of all the tickets up for sale on eBay.

So the tickets are available, but get ready for a major hit to your wallet.

April 11 is opening day at Fenway and the Red Sox go to battle with the Yankees. The World Series ring presentation will take place, and the banner will be raised. Demand for tickets is high, and so are the prices.

A single seat on top of the "Green Monster" sold for $999.99 on eBay, and box seats are selling for just as much. The .406 club seats are going for $1,750 each and likely to go higher.

The lowest priced tickets purchased directly from Fenway Park are not the standing room only tickets, they are the bleacher seats for $12. What’s a $12 ticket going for on eBay? On opening day there are no bleacher seats listed for sale on eBay. Cheap seats are nowhere to be found.

Bleacher seats for the final Red Sox vs. Yankees game of the season on Oct. 2 at Fenway Park in are selling for $250 each and up. Tickets for the Yankees game on Sep. 30 are available for as little as just $50 each (item #6518235894), but those will be gone very quickly because the other offers are so much higher and will drive the low prices up too.

Tickets can also be found in limited number for just $50 each on Sep. 29 (item #6518155971) and on April 26 (item #6518105419). You can find these by putting the item number in the search box on eBay. Bids may drive those prices up too.

A study of completed sales on eBay shows a steady climb in average selling prices as the start of the baseball season grows closer. As the supply of tickets goes down, and the demand goes up towards the end of the season it is likely new records will be set for ticket prices.

Buying tickets now rather than later is the only way to save.

So the cost of being a Red Sox fan went up when the "curse" was broken last October. The World Series win made fans happy, and ticket brokers even happier. They will make more per seat than the team owners, and give the owners plenty of justification to raise the price of tickets next year.

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