Displaysense unleash their latest space effective graphic shelving units

From: Displaysense
Published: Mon Aug 27 2007

At a time when retail space costs are soaring with shop staff costs rising and flat high street sales, Displaysense, the one stop shop for retail display units, believe they have the answer. To aid retailers, Displaysense have just introduced a new range of retail display system to help retailers sell more merchandise using less space, with less need for expensive sales assistant advice.

The new Displaysense graphic shelving systems are 2 metres high, can be any width using as many shelves as your product height will allow. They give you the ability to add cost effective poster pockets, advertising boards or brochure holders to grab attention, inform customers of the product benefits, and reduce the number of repeated questions to sales assistants.

All units are made from durable Aluminium components that can be used demandingly, can be easily moved around and added to in order to construct different formations. James Crawford, Sales Director of Displaysense said at the launch, "The whole idea behind this concept, was to give retailers a cost effective way of selling more from their current or even less retail space". He went onto say, "Retail space is at a real premium now with other costs rising – we have to help retailers be cleverer with the space that they have".

Many small to medium sized retailers are often faced with the problem of not having the volume or budget to spend on a complete made to order system specifically designed for their shop. For most, this issue should now have ended, allowing them to make the products they sell as eye-catching, informative and effective as the large high street retailers do so successfully.

A real advantage of the new units is that the graphic shelving systems are sold in component form so customers can create their own unique display unit at an off-the-shelf price. Displaysense has also recently introduced over 60 standardised designs of the shelving units which can be ordered via the main website.

With floor standing units starting at under £100 and shelving units at under £300 Displaysense has been able to make a very adaptable system affordable to the average high street retailer.

Although some retailers will already have graphics and posters to use on the shelving systems, many won't. Displaysense has therefore also negotiated preferable volume rates with a national printer for one off as well as low volume poster and advertising board printing.

With an extremely positive response to the new range gained at the launch, Displaysense has already announced that they have more components for the range in the pipe line which will give retailers even more add-on possibilities in the very near future.

Displaysense hope that by having these long lasting, adaptable and space saving graphic shelving systems in small to medium sized retail stores may help companies fight the downward spiral of higher costs and increased competition.

About Displaysense:
Displaysense Ltd was established in September of 1978 as a manufacturer of quality bespoke point of sale displays. They have a wealth of experience in bespoke manufacturing and have been able to develop their ever growing standard range of displays in over 25 countries around the world.

Displaysense works with a large range of clients including, retailers (multiple and independent), blue chip corporate clients, cafés, bars, restaurants and night clubs, shop and office fitters, marketing and promotions companies, designers and architects, product distributors, exhibition contractors and exhibitors, printers, councils and NHS trusts, charities, schools and universities.

Displaysense is a one-stop-shop for retail display products and all shop display, catering display and exhibition display requirements.
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