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Published: Sat Oct 08 2005

MOTRASUP (Modular Training System For Handicapped In Providing Attendant Support) Project (BG/04/B/F/PP-166044) is funded under the EU’s vocational training programme Leonardo da Vinci. The aim of the system for modular training is to train people with disabilities in providing counselling and advising support to individuals in need (individuals with physical or mental disabilities, with damaged senses, in specific health condition or with mental illnesses, bedridden people, elderly, single mothers, former prisoners, abused children, drug addicts, people from ethnic minorities, etc.), to motivate them to achieve their personal goals and accordingly improve their way of life.

The social and work integration of individuals with disabilities is a considerable challenge, requiring the use of untraditional means and approaches. As a matter of fact, this project has been motivated by the need to create training systems, which would help the social adaptation and realisation of individuals with disabilities and encourage them to live independently.

The modular system for training people with disabilities to provide counselling and advising support to other people in similar conditions has been created in response to the growing need of these individuals for social and professional integration, and offers one possible solution to their problem. Attendant support offers procedures and approaches meant to aid individuals, families and small groups of people with specific physical, psychological or social problems. This type of counselling and advising support is carried out by non-professionals. It is based on the assumption that the person in need of counselling and the one helping him are in an equal position. The program will include training in social skills, basic knowledge of the nature of mental disorders caused by different illnesses, self-help techniques, principles of a healthy life and diet, techniques for conducting therapy conversations, relevant legislation, and social protection of individuals in disadvantaged positions.


e-ISOTIS (Information Society Open To ImpairmentS) is a non-profit making organisation founded in December 2002, representing People with Disabilities, Elderly, their spouses as well as members of the ICT (Information Communication Technology) community, worldwide. Currently, its associated members represent 350.000 people with impairments, located in European countries.

e-ISOTIS’ scope is to ensure that people with disabilities, elderly and their families are fully involved in the preparations and activities in line with the slogan "nothing about people with disabilities without people with disabilities". By supporting People with Disabilities and elderly, e-ISOTIS aims at assisting its members in overcoming the existing barriers and experiencing an Information Society that opens up new opportunities for development, prosperity and quality of life.

Within the MOTRASUP project, e-ISOTIS is involved in the creation of a number of course modules and didactic material for students, as well as tutors (handbook). e-ISOTIS will also specifically use its expertise in e-learning to ensure MOTRASUP modules are provided through a platform that takes into account the various vocational training needs, as well as ensures that appropriate community building can take place through (a)synchrounous communication tools. Furthermore, e-ISOTIS will also be involved in the testing of the created material during real time training.

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The MOTRASUP project started on 01/09/2004 and will end on 30/09/2006. For extra details, you can also visit the project’s website: www.motrasup.info.

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