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Published: Sun Mar 13 2005

Hot on the heels of winning industry recognition as the LinuxWorld Best Open Source Solution and Best of Show, Mambo has won yet another award, this time from the UK's largest circulating Linux publication.

The award, in the most prestigious category of "Best Free Software Project of the Year" was announced this week.

The Linux Format magazine hit the news stands today (March 9, 2005) with a two page spread about results from the competition. Interestingly, the magazine contains a disclaimer about how they had to recalibrate their online vote counter due to a reader voting frenzy, the like of which they'd never seen before.

The magazine describes the "Best Free Software Project of the Year" as "viewed by many readers as the most important". "You've given it to the free software project that more than any other deserves to be held as a shining example of why Open Source is great software," Nick Veitch, Editor of Linux Format said.

Other projects nominated included: Linux kernel 2.6 , which overtook KDE and Gnome. Gentoo also did well. However, the magazine said Mambo won by a clear margin.

"It has to be said that many Mambo adherents were so caught up in the desire to see it win that they resorted to Florida-style vote-fixing shenanigans, but even after our arduous validation process, it was still the clear winner," Nick Veitch quipped.

Mambo Core team member Brian Teeman said the award was further recognition "that we're doing what people want". Mr Teeman explained that the Linux Format Award dovetailed nicely with the peer-awarded Boston "Best of Show" because this award was a clear thumbs up from the community, not journalists.

"I think we can say we're on the right track to becoming adopted and emulated as an Open Source success story," Mr Teeman said. "The level of response the community gave to these awards, illustrates the strength of satisfaction by users of Mambo."

"With Mambo, adopters are fast finding out how they can take control of their web publishing in an enjoyable system that is well-supported by a brilliant community of enthusiastic users and developers."

The Mambo trophy cabinet now includes:

* Best Free Software Project of the Year, Linux Format 2005
* Best of Show - Total Industry Solution, LinuxWorld Boston 2005
* Best Open Source Solution, LinuxWorld Boston 2005
* Best Linux or Open Source Software, LinuxUser & Developer 2004

Mambo is Open Source Software. You can read more about Mambo at http://www.mamboserver.com and download the latest version of Mambo at http://www.mamboforge.net. Extensive documentation and information can be found at http://help.mamboserver.com.
Mambo is released under GNU General Public Licence courtesy of Miro International PTY. Mambo requires a *nix, Windows 2000 or XP server, running Apache 1.3 or above, MySQL 3.23.55 or above, PHP 4.2.1 or above. Users should be browsing the net with Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, Mozilla 1.7 or higher or FireFox 0.9.3 or higher (Firefox is best supported for Macintosh).

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Authorised by: Brian Teeman

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