poll reveals UK drivers want a crackdown on drug driving

Published: Tue Aug 09 2011

A new poll from reveals that 'Crack down on drug driving' is the message from drivers to the UK government. 70% of drivers say they don’t think enough is being done about this problem and 71% want to see the government do more to combat drug driving.

25-34 year olds are most likely to drive while on drugs (8% admit to having done it), according to the poll, while drink driving is most likely among 45-54 year-olds (34% admit to having done it).

The 'drug and drink driving' poll of 2,000 drivers in the UK reveals 37% of drivers think drug drivers are less likely to get caught than drink drivers (8% say more likely and 55% see no difference). Meanwhile, 25% of men and 18% of women believe drug driving is more widespread than drink driving on UK roads despite figures showing 5% of drivers admit to drug driving and 28% of drivers admit to drink driving. Moreover, more men admit to drink driving than women (38% as opposed to 19%). Most notably, the poll reveals 77% of women want to see the government do more about drug driving, compared to 65% of men.

The Department for Transport reported a fall in alcohol-related accidents last week. Mike Hoban, Chief Marketing Officer for, thinks that drug driving might be a hidden menace on our roads. He said: "The Government has been boasting about cutting public service advertising but it’s clear that people are concerned about the potential dangers of drug-driving. The Government has a responsibility to let drivers know that the penalties are severe and that drug-drivers are a danger to themselves and a danger to others."

The penalties for drug driving are the same as for drink driving: a drug driver will receive a minimum 12-month driving ban, a criminal record and a fine of up to £5000.

The conviction for driving (or attempting to) when unfit through drugs is DR80 and this stays on the driver's license for 11 years (attracting up to 11 points). DR90 is the conviction for being in charge of a vehicle when unfit through drugs.  This stays on licenses for 4 years and can attract 10 points.

Notes to Editors:
The poll of 2000 drivers in the UK was carried out by Onepoll on behalf of and all figures have been rounded up to the nearest 1%
Information on penalties and laws around drink driving and drug driving sourced from

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