Florida State University Study Prompts Humane Self-Defense Training Class

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Published: Mon Oct 10 2005

ROBBINSDALE, Minn. - It has been a common belief that it is better to offer no resistance to attackers, but now a study from the Florida State University Department of Criminology indicates just the opposite.

In response to this study, a collaboration between the Tactic's Training Center at Bill's Gun Shop and Range and a martial arts instructor was recently formed.

"People have no trouble locking their cars and homes, or installing alarm systems as a form of self protection," said Scot Combs of Full Circle Self Defense. "So, why not also learn the right way to respond to a personal attack?" asks Combs.

The course, entitled "Humane Self Defense," is open to the public, and provides specific training in the methods of humane self-defense, and does not involve the use of any type of weapons.
Methods are humane and self protection is taught in a safe and educational environment.
Participants are taught to use non-lethal techniques. The methods are easy to learn, practice, and put into use if needed. Topics such as awareness, victim and attacker profiles, law and liability are also addressed. In addition to class instruction, copies of the Ebook: The Humane Self Defense Training Manual will be available for purchase.

"These seminars provide realistic training and viable options for conflict resolution," said Leonard M. Breure, PhD, training coordinator for the Tactic Training Center. "Everyone should have these excellent tools for personal protection. The use of deadly force is an absolute last resort, and special emphasis will be on avoidance and escape."
Providing protection for yourself or a loved one from violence is imperative and using only the appropriate level of force is the law. Doing no more harm that absolutely necessary is humane, self defense and innocent citizens need a functional set of humane self-defense strategies and techniques for keeping themselves and their loved ones safe and sound.
Classes will be held Tuesdays from 6 to 9 p.m. at Bill's Gun Shop, 4080 West Broadway Ave. N., Robbinsdale. The fee is $50 per person and is open to people 15 years and older. Registration in advance is recommended because class size is limited. Call 763-533-9594 for information and registration.

Scot Combs

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