From: Secure Call Management
Published: Mon Oct 10 2005

Today your company has the option of having a low cost Call Center in foreign countries around the world. Call Centers that have intelligent, well-trained, and highly polite personnel. Too bad they lack the most important thing of all.

American Operators. For as you know, Americans prefer speaking to other Americans. It's a well-documented fact. Of course, having your own live 24/7 Domestic Call Center has always been an expensive proposition. That was, until now.

We're Secure Call Management. And if you've been thinking about taking your Call Center business overseas we have one small word of advice - don't! Because now you can have a first class facility in the United States staffed by American Operators at rates equal to (or even less than!) foreign competitors.

Of course, that alone would be cause for celebration, but there's much more. At SCM, you choose from any number of sophisticated service options. Our set-up cost for live 24/7 operator service is $199, a small fraction of the industry standard. There's absolutely no minimums, no security deposits, plus you can cancel anytime. We'll even supply you with your own toll free number (or numbers) absolutely free. Perfect for web-based businesses!

At SCM, we specialize in the highest security available on the planet. In fact, our operators never hear or even see your customer's sensitive financial information, so the chance of any data being compromised has finally been eliminated.

Okay, by now you're wondering how many calls are required to get these great rates. Five thousand? Fifty thousand? A million or more? Nope, just one – and you would only be charged for that one call!

Find out how we can help increase your total sales, up sells, conversions, but most importantly your customer's loyalty and appreciation. Remember every minute you wait is costing you money. Contact us today.

After all, low-cost Call Centers shouldn't be a foreign concept!

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