Cheap Charter flights to Goa gives you another reason to Smile – Dental Treatment in Goa India.

From: International Dental Centre Goa India
Published: Tue Oct 11 2005

With pristine beaches, Portuguese and Indian Culture , Luxury and Budget accommodation and an overall inexpensive holiday, Goa is now positioning itself to compete with other beach holiday destinations in Spain and the Caribbean.

More and more tourists coming to Goa are now looking for other value added services that are available in the state . Dentists in Goa are now experiencing the "Dental Tourism Boom" , a term coined by dentists themselves offering quality Dental treatment at a fraction of the fees charged in the UK and Europe.

So why are UK Holiday makers looking for Dentists in Goa ?

•NHS dentists are now leaving the National Health and going into the lucrative market of private practice causing a huge shortage of qualified dentists.
•It takes you up to 6 months to get registered at an NHS dentist in the UK if your lucky enough to have a surgery sign you on as a patient
•Private surgery fees are exorbitant and out of reach of most of the middle class population.
•Indifference of UK dentists to their patient needs and "time is money" factor that makes a dentist in the UK try to hurry up treatment without spending enough time talking to the patient about his specific needs.

So what about Dentists in Goa.. What makes them different ?

•Dental Surgeries in Goa conform to the same International Standards with that of any surgery in the west
•Dentists here are willing to take the time to listen to you, make a treatment plan based on your specific needs and offer you the best possible solution to your problems.
•Most dental surgeries are willing to work double time and late hours to complete major treatments in 2-3 weeks to time.
•World Class dental labs , Brite Smile Whitening Centers and on time delivery of Crowns and Bridges .
•Dental Care in Goa is on an average 70 – 80% cheaper than anywhere else in the world for the same product and quality .

Am I then being ripped off back home ?

Not quite ! Prices in the west are relative to the standard of living. The lower value of the Indian Rupee against major world currencies allows dentists in India to offer down to earth prices and good value for money.

Who’s promoting Dental Tourism in Goa ?

Though a lot of dentists are now jumping onto the Dental Tourism band wagon the pioneers in this field who have been promoting this sort of tourism were Dr. Hubert Gomes having his practice in Margao in South Goa and Dr. Ambert Pimenta having surgeries in Calangute-North Goa & Margao-South Goa. Both these dentists are renowned and well known in the Expat community in Goa and are popular among tourists seeking dental treatment in Goa.

Is there more information on Dental treatments available in Goa.

Certainly. Goa Dentist, run by Dr. Ambert Pimenta has extensive information on various treatments available in Goa. There is also a price comparison between the UK and Goa with regards to common dental treatments and immediately you can see a huge saving. Dr. Pimenta infant says tourists opting for dental treatment can make their holiday absolutely Free. "With the amount of money saved opting for treatment in Goa , it will cover your flight, accommodation, food & entertainment and leave you with enough change for your cab ride back home from Gatwick or Manchester" he said.

What about technology ? Are these dentists up to the mark with the latest dental technology ?

Yes Definitely. The information on the Goa Dentist website says that most dental surgeries have similar equipments like that Dr. Pimenta has , that includes IntraOral Cameras, RVG Digital X-rays, Brite Smile Whitening Systems, Autoclaves for perfect sterilization , LED light cure machines, Root Zx Root canal apex locators etc to name a few.

Dental Tourism in Goa has now taken to the skies. Cheap charter flights to Goa is certainly keeping Dentists in Goa " drilling" for more !

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