Pre settlement funding saves woman from financial ruin

From: Beacon Legal Finance
Published: Tue Oct 11 2005

Just a few days after her 37th birthday, Anita drove her motor vehicle along a local street on a pleasant summer day in 2004. Disaster struck when the other driver ran a stop sign and then crossed the center yellow line, hitting her head on. The New Jersey police issued a citation for careless driving to the other driver, and he pled guilty to that offense. Anita’s automobile was totaled, and she was injured in the accident. Because of the accident, Anita amassed over $13,000 in medical bills and still complains of injuries to her neck and back.

After her car accident, Anita hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit against the driver of the other car. Although Anita expects to receive a settlement from the lawsuit, it takes time for a lawsuit to work its way through the local court system. With her bills increasing daily, Anita searched for a solution to her financial problems. Anita discovered that she could receive cash today if she agreed to give up a portion of the future cash settlement of her lawsuit. The pricing of the lawsuit funding was expensive, but it seemed fair when Anita learned that she did not have to pay back the lawsuit funding if her case lost or did not settle for enough cash to pay it back in full.

Anita checked out the different lawsuit funding companies that are on the internet. One of the companies that Anita found seemed to be different. Their people treated her with professionalism and respect despite her financial troubles. The rates were competitive and the response time was fast. That company was Beacon Legal Finance, a leader in providing lawsuit funding to plaintiffs with high quality lawsuits. Beacon Legal Finance provided Anita with financial help from lawsuit funding when she needed it most.

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