Web Site Users Decide: No More Ugly Old People In Snub Club

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Published: Wed Oct 12 2005

Dallas, TX -- A hip, new, on-line service is offering young the opportunity to create a cyber community designed solely by them.

Fed up with conventional dating sites, three months ago, two, 20-something brothers, Owen and Jarrod Blake, gave birth to their brainchild, www.SnubClub.com.

"We are the only private, on-line community where the public says who gets in," said Owen. "Each potential member posts their picture on the web site and they will only be allowed in if the public votes them in. We feel the number one complaint with dating online is the quality of users. Young people are tired of their inboxes filled with old perverts!"

"It's like a virtual Studio 54," said Jarrod. "Except, the owner of the club is not the door-man, the public is."

Once inside, members have a variety of options to choose from that include browsing personal web pages, writing online journals, connecting with friends and of course - meeting new people. And, it is free to join.

"Whether you are looking for hot girls, guys, or just bored we think you will enjoy SnubClub.com. This is where you will find pictures of that sexy cuttie, hotties, and babes you can write to and get to know. So why be bored? Come have some fun," said one happy "club goer."

Interested parties simply submit a digital photo to the web site. Other members vote, and if a rating of 75 percent or higher is met, the user is automatically. If a rating of 25 percent or less is received, that photo goes to the rejection section for one month. However, if a new photo is submitted right away, they can try again.

"We want to bring young people together in a fun, relaxed and safe environment," said Owen. "Also, being a private club allows our members access to a higher quality social network. It seems to be working. We have been getting great reviews from our users."

"With more and more time spent communicating on the Internet, the Snub Club is a fun and interactive way to meet new people. The whole voting idea is genius; being able to choose who should and shouldn't be admitted to the Club gives you a sense of authority - which I would say appeals to most people. I can't wait to see where they take this concept," said one happy club.

The Snub Club is appealing to people from around the globe and already has 5,000 active members.

While Jarrod and Owen may be new to the e-communities world, they are no strangers to business and competition. Their competition stems from soccer where they both represented the United States in international competition and later Southern Methodist University in Dallas. After they graduated from Southern Methodist University, Owen went on to be the owner of a highly successful construction company and Jarrod, who has a background in banking, now owns a real estate company.

Jarrod Blake

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