IM Lock 1.4.1 has been released!

From: Comvigo, Inc.
Published: Wed Oct 12 2005

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October 3, 2005


(Orlando, FL) Comvigo announces the release of IM Lock 1.4, an Instant Message Blocking software for home, education, and

small business. IM Lock blocks the most widely used instant messengers including AOL, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, and sixteen others.

IM Lock was created to protect users and equipment against the new dangers posed by instant messaging (IM). Instant messaging has become the new access vehicle of choice for hackers, worm virus writers, identify thieves, online predators, and cyber stalkers. IM Lock is specifically designed to prevent these threats at homes and organizations that have 1 to 50 computers. Beyond intant message virus protection, IM Lock provides other important benefits. According to a recent study by, the average employee spends 1 hour daily on non-work related internet activities. IM Lock can save business money by reducing the time employees spend on unproductive internet activity. IM Lock also protects children. As outlined by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's website, instant message now poses a significant risk to young people. Instant messengers provide millions of strangers instant private access to children, and allows children to immediately disseminate personal contact information. By restricting instant message use, IM Lock shields and protects children from these online risks. IM lock is currently in use by companies, government agencies, and homes internationally.

In addition to Instant Message Blocking, IM Lock has optional settings to block internet browsing, P2P filesharing, streaming

media, music downloading, and other category types.

IM Lock runs on Windows NT/XP/2000 platforms. A five user license costs $79 and is available at

Comvigo, Inc. is a privately owned internet security company located at 6800 Villa Del Costa Dr., Orlando, Florida. In

addition to IM Lock, Comvigo sells enterprise internet/IM/P2P filtering appliances for large corporate and educational



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