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Published: Wed Oct 12 2005

The Music Tourist Board, a community of not-for-profit musicians and supporters, will be staging the most extraordinary Moulin Rouge styled arts festival, Artful, from September 27th – October 31st 2005, mainly at London’s ‘South East Bank’. Artful,, will provide a showcase for hundreds of artists, and up and coming raw talent. This will be the first ever of what is to be an annual Arts event in South East London. It is anticipated that it will both establish the South East Bank of London, and provide the UK’s first ever music film festival.

Artful believe that there a new art renaissance just waiting to happen. The event will comprise of music, art, films, photography, DJ sets, clubs, cabaret, webcasts, street theatre and parties. High profile artists supporting the event include the renowned Detroit chart rockers Electric Six, Corporation:Blend, Bez from Happy Mondays, superstar DJ Howard Marks - cannabis baron turned literary raconteur, Tracey Emin - the self styled ‘Bad Girl of British Art’, punk rockers Black Wire, rock ‘n roll band Vincent Vincent and The Villains, The Fairies Band – the girls who in 2002 were running around London with wings granting wishes prior to forming their successful band!, the shaggy and long bearded Metro Riots, the South London bad boys The Ludes, Demeter – the gorgeous candy darlings of London’s Underground music scene, and a wealth of the UK’s hottest buzz bands. Radio 1, 2, Xfm, MTV2, and New York’s CMJ are amongst media that have been picking up on some of those that will be appearing at Artful. Manic Street Preachers, Radiohead and Digital Sneakers have also chosen Artful as the place to show some of their previously unseen live footage.

The Music Tourist Board have their finger on the pulse. They know what’s going to be hot and what’s not. They encourage, support, promote and develop original, proactive and driven talent. This is the group that two years ago held an event that featured Bloc Party, Twisted Charm, New Rhodes, Special Needs and My Red Cell before they hit the big time.

Rather than pay over the odds prices for gigs, Artful wants to make the festival affordable and accessible for the people who really matter – the public. That is why they have made sure ticket prices are no higher than £10 and many free. For those who can’t make the gigs, who missed or simply want to re-live the festival it can be captured in it’s entirety at:

The Festival will largely be held throughout the area that the Music Tourist Board have nicknamed ‘Rocklands,’ more commonly known as the boroughs of Lewisham and Greenwich. Musical genres from Jazz and Soul to Punk and Hip Hop will be celebrated. Over thirty venues in and around Brixton, Camden, Islington, Shoreditch and ‘Rocklands’ have already agreed to host the eclectic mix of rhythms and sounds. The calibre of the exhibitions and entertainment will make October a month that is set to rock, and the festival will be documented by up and coming film makers, writers and photographers.

Artful is a veritable goldmine for agents looking to sign up a new talent. A unique event to catch up with artists close and personal before they hit the big time.

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