GD&T Public Seminars to be offered by James Meadows

From: James Meadows and Associates
Published: Tue Sep 11 2007

Looking for GD&T Training for your company? James Meadows, a GD&T trainer will be in Nashville teaching two public workshops - Comprehensive Advanced GD&T and Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis.

Comprehensive Advanced GD&T (December 3-5, 2007)- This course is targeted at those who have already been trained in the basics of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. Even the most advanced practitioners will learn more than they ever thought possible in this workshop. Based on the most comprehensive GD&T textbook ever written by a single author, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing in 2007, this course has the unprecedented ability to cover almost every facet of tolerancing (on, for example, sheet metal parts, injected molded parts, amorphic surfaces, as well as simple rectangular parts). You will learn how to dimension and tolerance all types of parts and assemblies, including those requiring complex geometry.

Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis (December 6-7, 2007)- This course is directed to anyone with the professional responsibility of analyzing or applying tolerances to assemblies, or anyone seeking a more thorough understanding of tolerance analysis. Attendees should have a basic working knowledge of ASME Y14.5M-1994. [Each course participant needs to bring a hand-held calculator.] Course participants will be trained to apply tolerance stack-up analysis techniques to a wide variety of assemblies, from the very simple to the more complex situations commonly faced in industry today. Both plus and minus and geometrically toleranced assemblies will be examined and stack-up analysis taught and practiced on each. Many different datum structures will be discussed and analyzed. The concepts taught in this course are: loop analysis (also known as circuit diagrams), number charting, virtual condition, resultant condition, inner and outer boundaries, minimum airspace, maximum wall thickness, maximum interference, minimum and maximum overall dimensions, fixed and floating fastener assembly conditions, projected tolerance zones, the logic of stack-up analysis, statistical tolerancing, and much more.

Seminars will take place in Nashville, TN (near the Nashville airport). Register before September 28, 2007 to receive discounts.

For more information about these GD&T courses, and James Meadows, visit his website at or call (615) 824-8644.
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