Realtors Stunned by New Report Released by Local Real Estate Entrepreneur

From: Investing In Real Estate Clubs
Published: Wed Oct 12 2005

Local Real Estate Entrepreneur Shows People with Poor Credit How to Buy Homes No Money Down and Receive Cash Back at Close…Realtors Stunned by New Report Just Released!

A local real estate entrepreneur says that many are putting forth the notion to homeowners that houses can only be bought the traditional way… She says, there is a way to buy a home creatively, which will allow those with poor credit, to buy property with no-money down and receive cash back at close. She says, there is a way to get around the "traditional" mindset of buying homes. The perception created by many professionals has created much discouragement among consumers. They believe they are not "homebuying material" because they do no fit into the traditional "box". As a result many have their hope of becoming a homeowner taken away.
Virginia speaks at the local Real Estate clubs around Los Angeles. "If you have been turned down, and have been robbed of your dream of owing a home, I have created a signature method, which can be utilized by anyone, regardless of credit or employment, to assist in achieving your goal of homeownership!"
This new report reveals things such as:
• The biggest mistake consumers make when trying to buy a home…because no one told them otherwise!
• The little known method of financing that allows you to buy no-money down with poor credit, and still receive cash back at close!
• Strategies of how to: "skin the homebuying cat" by utilizing key method of real estate investing.
• And more.
Virginia’s report has "raised eyebrows" with many. She doesn’t care if she ruffles any feathers. Virginia believes the consumer has the right to know all the possible ways to buy their home and not get their dream stolen by "traditional thinking". With creative financing, consumers can now gain the confidence needed to overcome the conventional real estate marketplace thinking, and start searching for their new home. If you want your readers to get a totally different slant on buying a home, and what professionals in the industry aren’t telling them, call Michael at (818) 675-5400 to get an entertaining and lively interview.
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