Reports, "SENSEX Hits Record Highs - Slowdown Approaches But Opportunities Stil

Published: Wed Oct 12 2005 Reports, "SENSEX Hits Record Highs - Slowdown Approaches But Opportunities Still Abound"

The rally may be over but market participants remain bullish pending corporate earnings reports.

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., October 12, 2005 - (ISM), a global investor and industry news portal for the Indian Stock Market, reports that following a 2½ year stock market boom, the SENSEX rally that recently broke record highs, finally looks set to slow its dynamic pace. This however is not bad news according to analysts who state that a "shake out of the weak hands" will only serve to strengthen the Indian market.

The Indian market is still considered to be in the Bullish region, and the slowdown has been attributed to investor concern over a sharp slide in global markets, but market participants are optimistic that strong Indian economic fundamentals, and good second quarter corporate reports will result in a continuing run of prosperity.

Sector perspectives are revealed from industry participants: Gulbir Madan of Neptune Capital Management; Jeffrey Joerres, Chairman and CEO of Manpower Inc. (NYSE: MAN); and James A. Joyce Chairman & CEO of Aethlon Medical (OTCBB: AEMD).

Article Excerpt: "SENSEX Hits Record Highs - Slowdown Approaches But Opportunities Still Abound"

Brian Noer reports for,
October 11, 2005

"Just prior to the news that the SENSEX was experiencing a dip (the index dropped 2% on October 6th alone), Gulbir Madan of Neptune Capital Management told that he could not see the rally continuing, at least not at its current pace. That is not to be considered as bad news, however. "The rally has been a product of too much euphoria," said Madan, "even the locals have jumped into the fray. Going forwards, India will be, in my opinion, a great investment story, but the market needs a shake out of the weak hands - the velocity of the current rise has been too much and too fast. A healthy correction will do everyone a great deal of good. The correction has already started and will probably go on for a few months."

"There are a great number of opportunities with smaller companies that are experiencing growth in India," said Madan whose largest position is in the market leader Reliance. Madan revealed that he also sees opportunities within the company Bajaj Auto, as well as the growing infrastructure space.

Jeffrey Joerres, Chairman and CEO of Manpower Inc. (NYSE: MAN) discussed with the news that his company recently acquired three divisions of ABC Consultants, India's leading professional executive selection and recruitment firm. "We have more than doubled our footprint and have now become the largest provider of employment services in this market. This is both a strategic and tactical investment for us - the Indian market is on fire right now."

In late September, Aethlon Medical, Inc. (OTCBB: AEMD), announced that they would begin clinical trials of their Hemopurifier(TM) (Aethlon's Hepatitis-C (HCV) treatment technology) at the Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. Aethlon Chairman & CEO, James A. Joyce, stated, "The unfortunate reality is that 50% of Hepatitis-C patients who initiate the current standard of care fail this exceptionally toxic treatment regimen." Joyce continued, "We clearly envision that our Hemopurifier(TM) treatment technology will improve patient outcomes as an adjunctive therapy, and will serve as an effective disease management tool as a stand alone treatment."

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