Hatch Fest 2005 - The Gary Cooper Legacy Panel

Published: Wed Oct 12 2005

October 12, 2005 Bozeman, MT – HatcH Audiovisual Festival is proud to announce the final day of HatcH fest 2005 October 9th 2005 officially named "Gary Cooper Day" at 4:00pm at the historical Ellen Theater presented the gathering of actors, writers, directors and producers- all friends united as one to pay homage to the ‘Legacy of an Icon’, Classic Hollywood actor, Gary Cooper.

The ‘legacy panel’ included writer/director, Mr. John Mulholland, Producer-Richard Shepherd, Director- Michael Anderson, and actor Peter Fonda

Each panel member in his time has made a significant contribution to the creative arts through their efforts and inspiring stories. They have all worked on/and/or have known personally, America’s favorite and most legendary cowboy: Gary Cooper.

Mr. John Mulholland:

A contributor to film and a teacher to many, John Mulholland is an expert on Cooper and Hemmingway, classic Hollywood, and film history. He is most known for his works in, Cooper and Hemingway: The True Gen (2005) (producer, director, writer), Inside 'High Noon' (2005) (TV) (producer, director), Liza Minnelli on 'Meet Me in St. Louis' (2004) (V) (producer, director) and As Time Goes By: The Children Remember on Casablanca (2003) (V) (producer, director)

Mr. Richard Shepherd:

Award winning producer and owner of The Artists Agency, Mr. Richard Shepherd is known most prominently for his work in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, ‘The Hunger’ and ‘Hanging Tree’. He is said to have produced one of Gary Cooper’s most memorable roles as the wise and weary ‘Doc Joe Frail’ in the unforgettable western drama "Hanging Tree".

Mr. Michael Anderson:

UK born actor, director and producer, Mr. Michael Anderson was a longtime personal friend of Mr. Gary Cooper. He is associated with a numerous amount of films including, his second film with Cooper, ‘The Naked Edge’ (1961), Oscar winning Best Picture ‘Around the World in 80 days’ (1956) and ‘Logan’s Run’ (1976). Known for his occasionally flamboyant and aggressive visual style, he was said to have shown Cooper, "in an equivocal way, teasing audiences on whether his character was devil or saint" in ‘The Naked Edge’.

Mr. Peter Fonda:

Peter Fonda has been a trailblazer, and an educator for many years, teaching us all about setting out on our own path. He is the son of Henry Fonda, and was brought up in the realm of Hollywood greatness, often playing with Maria Cooper, while their father’s shared time together. After a few years acting on the stage, Peter started in the movies in 1962. After several small parts in Hollywood movies, he teamed with Dennis Hopper and produced and starred in Easy Rider (1969, with Jack Nicholson), a counter-culture classic that made Fonda a star. During the 1970s he appeared in movies such as Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry and Wanda Nevada (which he also directed). In 1999 he was nominated for an Oscar for his performance as a beekeeper in Ulee's Gold (co-starring Jessica Biel). His other films include Wanda Nevada (1979), The Limey (1999, directed by Steven Soderbergh) and Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2000, starring Alec Baldwin). Peter is the brother of Jane Fonda and the father of Bridget Fonda.

The HatcH Festival embodies the spirit of the legendary Gary Cooper and brings to life Mr. Cooper’s legacy of Integrity, Honor and Dreams. Hatch is an annual program, designed to develop and foster the growth of creative minds through mentorship and recognition. In it’s second year, HatcH has already exceeded the boundaries of typical arts festival, as promising young talent are given the opportunity to partner with industry professionals through a series of intimate workshops, panel discussions, exhibitions, networking occasions and music as well as film screenings. Last year’s event reeled the likes of movie stars, directors and producers such as Jeff Bridges, Peter Fonda, Dennis Bishop, Joseph Fiennes, Kevin Donovan and Michael Keaton.

The HatcH Festival is a non-profit organization, brought to fruition by the unwavering support and dedication of its founders and team, whose union represents the most talented and unstoppable resource pool in their respective fields. Major sponsors of the event, include Moonlight Basin Ski & Spa Resort, Getty Images, Gibson Guitar, Panavision, and The Syndicate. Local sponsors include, Montana Film School, Thirsty Ear, Music Villa, The Emerson, The Baxter, The Eagle, The Moose, The Zebra, Dick Walter, KGLT, and Classic Ink.

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