Not scared of Halloween? – You should be!

From: The Accident Compensation People
Published: Thu Oct 13 2005

When you really think about it, the undead have things pretty easy. Imagine being able to transport yourself from A to B (from the grave to behind your bedroom door, in their case) in complete safety. No traffic lights, road rage, flat tyres or empty tanks. Just the odd screech or moan, a few whooshing sounds and there you are.

For us mere mortals still occupying the land of the living, things are a little more hair-raising. And if you haven’t been scared of Halloween since you were six, then it’s probably time to think again.

The combination of excited children, parties, dark evenings and those pesky spirits who cause us so much trouble (and we’re not talking ghoulies) can make Halloween one of the most dangerous times of the year in personal injury terms.

Whether on the road or at a party, the potential to become the subject of a future horror story is a real danger at this time of the year. And many hospitals report the number of accident and emergency admissions as rising significantly over Halloween.

Young trick-or-treaters tend to dress in dark clothing – a day-glow yellow witch would be just plain daft – and can be hard for even a vigilant motorist to spot. And with parents picking up and dropping off party-goers, traffic on the roads is generally heavier than it would normally be in the early evenings.

So, if you’re opting to travel by car rather than a broomstick on Halloween night, it’s sensible to take a few extra precautions. Be aware that there are likely to be more children out and about than usual, and given that they’ve been promised sweets and treats, it’s fair to say that they probably won’t be paying too much attention to their green cross code. They may also be wearing masks which obstruct their vision and their carefully made costumes could be too big causing trips and slips into the road.

Last year, The Accident Claim People, represented Claire Morris in a claim for accident compensation after another car crashed into her while it was trying to avoid a gaggle of mini Draculas and Morticias. Thankfully, nobody was seriously harmed, but Claire suffered a painful whiplash injury and bruising on her chest which meant two weeks off work.

"Claire wasn’t to blame for the accident that caused her injuries, and for that reason we were able to recover £2800 in compensation for her injury and loss of earnings," says Sophie Evans, who dealt with the claim.

"It’s true that we do see a rise in the number of people contacting us following accidents at this time of the year and we would advise anyone who’s out and about on Halloween night, whether in a car or attending a party, to take extra care".

Attending a Halloween party can also be fraught with unintentional horrors. Jack-O-Lanterns ablaze with candles do not mix well with floaty ghost costumes, and unfamiliar clothing can easily send the Bride of Frankenstein sprawling in a most undignified fashion.

So here’s a few tips to make your Halloween fun and not too horrible (or any more than you want it to be):

• If you’re driving be aware of unearthly beings (kids) running out in front of you

• If you attend a party, leave the car at home and try to organize either a pumpkin on wheels or a broomstick to get you home. Well, OK, a taxi would do at a pinch

• If your children want to go trick-or-treating make sure that they are accompanied and that every one has a flashlight. Remind them of the importance of staying on the pavements if you’ll be walking for any distance

• Make sure that Jack-O-Lanterns are placed well out of the reach of little fingers, and can’t be brushed by passing clothing

• No matter how outlandish, make sure that any costumes you wear are safe and aren’t going to trip you up. Fake blood is the only kind you’ll want to be washing off your face at the end of the night

If the worst does happen, and you are harmed in circumstances for which you weren’t to blame, then claiming accident compensation will help you deal with the aftermath. Not only can you be compensated for the injury itself, but you could recoup any related expenditure like treatment and prescription costs, travel expenses and loss of earnings.

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