A New Quick-Acting "Feel-Good" Drink is Now Available to All, Directly from Manufacturer to Consumer

From: Carter-Tigart, Inc.
Published: Thu Oct 13 2005

A well-established nutriceutical firm from Dallas, Texas, has just released the biggest innovation in science nutrition in more than two decades. It is a supplement breakthrough that generates super human vitality; it provides full body revitalization and supercharges nutrient uptake into body cells. This fast-acting dietary supplement supports energy, clarity and vitality! Read about it at: http://m2cglobal.com/finok

Before adopting a unique business model, this innovative firm gained input from some of the nation's leading marketing firms on how best to pay its free dealers. Its decision was to reward all dealers (part time & full time) by adopting a free referral plan designed to encourage massive cooperative dealer referrals. Thus, it now offers a fair and legitimate free business model to any adult.

The company has the capacity to manage massive growth, just as it has done for 12 years. As business grows, it can readily take care of its customers. To that end, the firm built an infrastructure that can handle more than 80,000 shipments daily. It is confident that it can ship on-time to every customer its dealers refer to it.

Virtually anyone can become a free "authorized dealer," by applying through another dealer’s business web site, the one that referred the opportunity. Referring dealers are compensated for assisting new dealers as they join and launch their businesses. See how at: http://drinkactworldwide.com/finok

How is A.C.T. marketed? Here's a fact: Studies show that 95% of all people don't like to sell; moreover, virtually no one enjoys being solicited to buy. No one should worry about personal selling here. All sales are via the Internet and all purchase information is on the Dealer website; in addition, 24-hour online Audios and LIVE calls are available. Dealers encourage their friends and other contacts to see their free sites and everything flows smoothly from there!

Granting free "authorized dealers" makes this company unique. It offers a 'true opportunity' for anyone to become an authorized dealer! Upon becoming a free authorized dealer, one begins a true partnership with a well-established, successful company that manufactures its own products (no outsourcing here) and the success of its dealers is a big priority... And, it has invested heavily to assure that success.

Access to a pioneering concept of free online order tracking, sales records, etc., allows dealers to continually track business growth and progress. Equally important, dealers receive unlimited, ongoing support through a cooperative free dealer business network.

A Scheduled Delivery option assures smooth product flow to consumers. The Scheduled Delivery program was adopted to easily assure that dealers receive their enhanced products every two months. In addition, authorized dealers that participate in scheduled deliveries are eligible for free contests, cash bonuses and dealer matching bonuses.

How many free authorized dealers can be served? There is virtually no limit to how many free authorized dealers other dealers can refer for sign up. Typically, the firm's more accomplished dealers personally sign ten or more others. Getting started is simple, easy and quick. See details at: http://drinkactworldwide.com/finok

Anyone desiring to become a free authorized dealer will simply complete an online application, and the entire process takes only about 3 minutes to complete. New Dealers then receive email messages welcoming them to the family of authorized dealers, their ID numbers and links to their personal web sites.

Aspiring home business owners from the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia and Japan can explore a free business relationship with this established Dallas, Texas, area industry leader now. China and 30 other countries will soon be added to that list. Get details at: http://drinkactworldwide.com/finok

Prospective dealers in other countries can keep informed of future expansion through a separate web site, at: http://InternationalPrelaunch.com/finok

Company: Carter-Tigart, Inc.
Contact Name: Orbie Rivers
Contact Email: cartig@sbcglobal.net
Contact Phone: 817-591-4166

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