Bob Snelling to lead AAFD Franchisor Accreditation Program

From: American Associationof Franchisees and Dealers
Published: Tue Sep 18 2007

Bob will maintain his current position as president and co-founder of Honor Capital Group, LLC a franchise finance intermediary, and its consulting arm

Bob's involvement with franchising spans 35 years as prior co-owner and 15
years as prior senior level executive and board director of Snelling
Personnel Services, a mature national franchise system with hundreds of
franchised and company owned units.

"We believe that Bob Snelling has the experience and proven ability to
continue to develop the AAFD Franchise Accreditation program in new and
exciting ways," said Robert Purvin, CEO of the AAFD. "Snelling understands
that successful franchising requires a collaborative effort among
franchisees and the franchisor. More importantly, he brings to the AAFD
experience and understanding from the perspective of an innovative and
progressive franchisor. This experience, coupled with his unique combination
of professional and personal strengths makes him extremely well-qualified to
lead the AAFD's expanding Franchisor Accreditation Program."

"Being asked to serve as Director of the AAFD Franchisor Accreditation
Program is both an honor and a privilege," said Snelling. "The AAFD has a
well-deserved reputation as an exemplary force in the promotion of fair
franchising standards. Its record of innovation, its commitment to the
values and vision of its members, and its partnership and support of strong
leaders has created a truly unique record over the past 15 years. I look
forward to spreading the word about the AAFD Fair Franchising Standards, and
other valuable tools and information the AAFD has assembled to advance the
concept of Total Quality Franchising."

Snelling's own franchise background is closely aligned with the interests of
the AAFD. His involvement in all aspects of franchising has been guided by a
passion for collaboration and win-win results. Bob's early franchise
experience revealed that great ideas were frequently ineffectual in the
absence of consensus, and chances for success greatly improved when buy-in
was achieved in advance of execution.

Snelling's franchise expertise has been won over many years of identifying
and implementing best practices encompassing franchisor operations and
infrastructure, Uniform Franchise Offering Circular and Franchise Agreement
development, Franchisee Advisory Council participation, the conception,
development and implementation of unique and successful, franchise royalty,
rebate, term renewal, and buy out programs, and the development of
comprehensive franchisee finance programs and business planning guidelines.

"I look forward to working with franchisors and assisting in the creation of
opportunities for their franchise systems by taking advantage of the
collaborative relationship the AAFD seeks to foster," he said.

About the AAFD

The AAFD is a national non-profit trade association representing the rights
and interests of franchisees and independent dealers throughout the United
States. Formed in 1992, The AAFD is focused on market driven reform to
achieve its mission to define and promote collaborative franchise cultures
that the AAFD describes as Total Quality Franchising. Since its formation
the AAFD has grown to represent more than 50,000 franchised businesses
throughout the United States. The AAFD currently has members in all 50
states and represents more than 100 different franchise systems.

The AAFD's Fair Franchising Standards, Fair Franchising Seal, Trademark
Chapters, and emphasis on Marketplace Solutions led to the Association's
recognition as a growing force in franchising. The AAFD's Branded Partner
programs add a new dimension to the value of AAFD membership. The AAFD
provides a broad range of member services designed to help franchisees build
market power, create legislative support of interest to franchisees, provide
legal and financial support, and provide a wide range of general member

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