Hatch Fest 2005 boosts local economy in Bozeman, MT

Published: Fri Oct 14 2005

BOZEMAN, MT - October 13, 2005 / HatcH fest 2005, brought industry professionals from all over, to partner in mentorship with young emerging talents across the globe, to light up the town with The 2nd Annual HatcH Audiovisual Arts Festival, held on October 4-9, 2005 gave boost to the local economy of Bozeman.

The HatcH Festival embodies the spirit of the legendary Gary Cooper and stands for what Americans know him for- Integrity, Honor and Dreams. Hatch is an annual program, designed to develop and foster the growth of creative minds through mentorship and recognition. HatcH in it’s second year has already exceeded the boundaries of your typical arts festival as young promising talent are given the opportunity to partner with industry professionals through a series of intimate workshops, panel discussions, exhibitions, networking occasions, music, and film screenings.

The festival boosted the local economy to new heights. Local business owners expressed they had the best weekend total EVER.

Governor Brian Schweitzer was in attendance, and his efforts, along with Patrick Markey (Producer "A River Runs Through It"), they have passed a 20% rebate to filmmakers for bringing projects to the area. When "Far and Away" shot in Billings it brought $15 Million to the local economy. When Universal Studios president Jim Brubaker stood at the Awards Show podium, he looked at the governor and stated "We WILL be bringing projects to Montana, and away from Canada."

HatcH has put together a world class festival with the support of predominately LOCAL business support: Founding sponsors Moonlight Basin, Contributing sponsors Gibson Guitar, Thirsty Ear, Locati Architects, Filmlites, Jereco Studios, Classic Ink, Floral Gallery, Schnee’s Boots and Shoes, Rocky Mountain Rug Gallery, Dick Walter, Bozeman Ford, ME Boutique, Montana Real Estate Co, Looie’s Down Under, Music Villa, The Emerson, the Baxter, The Zebra, The Eagle, The Moose, and more.

Two hundred an fifty volunteers linked arms to make this experience unforgettable for the community, and our international guests.

7,500 ticket sales over the course of four days. Ten mentor screenings, Two premieres, Thirty Groundbreaker screenings (of the ten student films), twelve industry panels, a fashion show, a fine artists reception for over thirty participating artsits, the Native Spirit Award, a fashion show on main street, and an incredible buzz.

HatcH integrated university professors from MSU and UM to moderate panels, and our sponsor Moonlight Basin bought an extra 500 tickets for students to attend for free.

Rock and Roll hall-of-famer Jackson Browne hung out and played guitar with young guitarists.

HatcH provided a spotlight and mentorship for photographers, writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, fashion designers, cinematographers, editors, directors, producers, and journalists.

HatcH provided a series of incredible industry experts here in bozeman for the members of the community to benefit from for only $10. Here is an example: Jody Turner’s unique background in Design and Archaeology, has made her an expert on influencing the consumer marketplace by offering a precise view of the sea of currents effecting us today with leading edge product/design innovations. She focuses on improving thinking or innovative mindsets in the new marketplace/consumer paradigm today. The inspirational care and feeding of your company will lead you to success.

A rare Gary Cooper screening followed by a legendary panel including Peter Fonda, Richard Shepard (Producer "Breakfast at Tiffany’s"), Michael Anderson (Director "Wreck of the Mary Deare"), John Muholland (film historian, Cooper expert).

A Journalism HatcH Lab run by CNBC correspondent Jeffrey Pohlman, and White House photo-journalist Brad Markel.

"We at HatcH are volunteer run and are doing our best to grow something special that we can ALL benefit from, and even more so- a global organization to launch careers in creative arts - based out of a wonderful place."

HatcH, where dreams aren’t far from reality; provides the unique opportunity for emerging artists to have their work viewed and critiqued by industry veterans. This year, HatcH offers over to $60,000 in cash and prizes, along with a $25,000 scholarship award from annual contributor, Moonlight Basin.

The HatcH Festival is a non-profit organization, brought to fruition by the unwavering support and dedication of its founders and team, whose union represents the most talented and unstoppable resource pool in their respective fields. Major sponsors of the event, include Moonlight Basin Ski & Spa Resort, Getty Images, Gibson Guitar, Panavision, and The Syndicate. Local sponsors include, Montana Film School, Thirsty Ear, Music Villa, The Emerson, The Baxter, The Eagle, The Moose, The Zebra, Dick Walter, KGLT, and Classic Ink.

The 2nd Annual Hatch Audiovisual Arts Festival ran from October 4th - 9th, 2005.

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