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Published: Fri Oct 14 2005

Effective communication skills are a basic requisite in today’s world. The foundation for the effectiveness comes from having strong language proficiencies. English being the official language in most of the places, it is very essential to be good at it. With the advent of the new industries like ITEs and the BPO, English speaking has taken a new dimension and putting language skills to actual use is crucial for effective communication. It is no more just the spoken English, but the fine art of communication in the LANGUAGE OF THE WORLD.

VETA, the leaders and Asia’s largest spoken English training Academy offer courses catering to various levels of the learners. The learning experience starts with a need analysis. It offers two kinds of courses - Direct class coaching and the Distance Education course.

Founded in 1981, as the Vivekananda Institute, the academy now known as VETA has 90 centres in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Pondicherry. Nearly four lakh students have been trained through these centres. The direct coaching class main training centre is abuzz with activity with more than 500 students. Over 1.6 million students have been trained through VETA franchisees. The distance education course has trained over sixteen lakh students.
The external wing of the academy is involved in teaching Communicative skills in English to all categories of Employees, Corporates, Industry, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools and Colleges in Southern India. It also has regular on-going projects with multinational companies for the teaching of English to their staff.

The Distance Education course requires the person to spend only an hour a day; the training material is comprehensive and is supported with Audio capsule, Grammar capsule and Vocabulary capsule which is also in vernacular for easy understanding by the individual.
The direct program is split into four levels.

Trains learners to read and write words and sentences in English.

FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH entrepreneurial
Trains learners in the various structures of English

Trains learners to converse in English

Effective Expressions
Group Discussions
Job interviews
Language for marketing and sales
Various shades of speech that include brevity, coherence and clarity.
Epigrammatic Speech
Humour, Sarcasm, and Wit
Language for marketing and sales
Seminars and presentations
Personality development

Each course provides approximately 40 hours of comprehensive training and takes a step-by-step approach. The course curriculum has been designed based on extensive Research and Direct experience. The teachers at VETA centres undergo continuous training and are kept updated about the changes in the market and the needs of the students. SGF technique and professional training methods are used. Customized courses to suit every need and profession are the attractions apart from special classes on Saturdays.

Care is taken by the trainer not only to make the student speak English effectively and fluently, but also to help him express his experiences and ideas. The trainer is trained to study the objective, the immediate need of the student and other personal traits like the cultural background, the IQ level. The student who walks into the VETA centres walks out as a confident and better communicative person.
The Academy has perfect understanding and relationship with its franchisees and is planning to expand to 1000 centres by 2010. The company is also vying International markets and will soon be seen in Malaysia and Singapore.
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