igroup Announces Availability of iSign® 2.0 for Digital Signage

From: igroup
Published: Fri Oct 14 2005

iSign now enables marketing departments and advertising agencies to rapidly develop signs and content that run to electronic display devices. iSign provides enterprises, government agencies and creative designers the ability to rapidly develop and deploy marketing campaigns. It is designed for use in a range of industries, such as retail, facilities management, education, hotels and other service industries.

Digital signage makes it faster and more affordable to go from concept to deployment. While advanced application capabilities are available in our software suite and digital signage solutions.
"iSign 2.0 for media players expands our leadership in the digital media software market by adding support and cost savings to the solutions" says Steve Rastall, Head of Business Development at iSign.
About iDigitalSign

iDigitalSign is intelligent digital signage and digital multi media. Digital signage allows screens including LCD plasma and high definition to be electronically controlled. Digital signs can be updated without the cost and expense of changing the physical sign; this can even be done wirelessly to remotely located LCD screens. Digital adverts can be made quickly and cost effectively and targeted messages can be distributed to hundreds or thousands of digital displays immediately. Digital signage displays can take the form of electronic notice boards scrolling message boards, plasma monitors, and large projection screens, as well as other emerging display types all of which offer business benefits, please request a free sign trial.

Further information on please call 0845 838 2184 or visit www.igroupltd.co.uk
Company: igroup
Contact Name: Steve Rastall
Contact Email: info@igroupltd.co.uk
Contact Phone: 0845 8382184

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