Search Revenue UK provides SMEs with a free 'plug and pay' search engine

From: Cybernet Ventures Limited
Published: Fri Oct 14 2005

"Almost any UK website can now get a slice of the search engine advertising boom," explained Toby Flux on the launch of Cybernet Ventures Limited's new service, Search Revenue UK, this week.

Using bespoke technology, Search Revenue UK ( collects the pay per click text adverts from a number of leading UK PPC search engines and displays them in order of price. UK online publishers who register for free are provided with a search box to put on their site, and access to an online control panel where they can easily create co-branded search results pages to match their site design. Search Revenue UK automatically tracks valid searches and clicks and pays the publishers 50% of the advertising revenue earned.

"Traditional affiliate and partner schemes mostly rely on the publisher converting clicks to sales, making it difficult for publishers and blogs who don't have huge visitor numbers to earn an income. Search Revenue UK, because it provides access to thousands of advertisers and pays on a PPC basis, means that almost any UK website can now get a slice of the search engine advertising boom," said Cybernet Ventures Ltd's Managing Director.

"We've made it easy to not only make money for our publishers, but also to modify our search results to match their existing site design and colours. The result is the addition of a UK search engine which looks like their site and earns real money for each valid click. We've concentrated on making the system as easy as possible for even the novice Webmaster to add our service. There's no complicated coding required to get started, and even the free co-branding only requires a very limited knowledge of HTML and CSS. You might call it 'plug and pay!'"


Company: Cybernet Ventures Limited
Contact Name: Toby Flux
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