Ad-Tech Shanghai Adds SEO Expert Stephen Noton to List of Speakers

From: Internet Advertising Agency
Published: Sun Oct 16 2005

SHANGHAI -- Ad-Tech is slated to come to Asia, marking the first time that a major advertising event will be held in that region of the world. In presenting the list of accomplished speakers that will be presenting at the event, Ad-Tech announces that SEO expert Stephen Noton will speak on Search Engine Optimization along with high ranking representatives from Net search engine giant, Google.

Over the course of the past decade, many ecommerce companies and website business owners in Asia have felt as if they have been left out of the proverbial loop when it comes to matters of Internet marketing, promotion and advertising. Ad-Tech Shanghai represents the first ever credible Internet marketing, promotion and advertising event to be slated in Asia.

The goal of Ad-Tech Shanghai is to provide attendees with professional presentations from leaders in the world of Internet marketing. Unlike many fly by night functions that are organized in off-handed fashion, this seminal event is dedicated to educating participants in how best to use the Internet to build and grow their businesses on into the future.

Included within the lineup of presenters, in addition to Noton, are scheduled speakers Daniel Alegre, the director of Google; Bill Flatley, Vice President of and several experts from Yahoo! Ad-Tech. Noton himself is slated to address the important topic of "search engine optimization" at Ad-Tech Shanghai.

In being included on program for the Asian conference, Noton indicated that he
"was very surprised to be a presenter along side Google, as one of the speakers on the subject of SEO." Despite his self effacing modesty, Noton has developed a reputation as an industry leader in Internet marketing generally and SEO development specifically. Not only is Noton recognized as a Qualified Google Advertising Professional and a Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador, he has been in the search engine optimization business for 8 years -- a year longer that Google itself has been in the Net search business. The organizers of Ad-Tech Shanghai are enthusiastic about Noton’s planned presence for the important Asian event.

Noton will be joined in a panel presentation by James Mi, Senior Product Manager for Google, and Harry Tsao, co-founder of The panel jointly will address the subject of "Performance Marketing – SEO/Organic (Natural) Search." The organizers of the Asian event make note of the fact that SEO is one of the oldest and yet least understood aspects of the Internet marketing and advertising world. Bringing together these three in one place will be a truly educational event.

The two day event costs $400 U.S. and will provide attendees with in depth and professional educational and networking opportunities designed to enhance their own web-based business operations. The event is not designed to hype get rich quick schemes. Rather, the purpose Ad-Tech Shanghai is to provide professional Internet marketing and advertising solutions for professional ecommerce companies and website business owners.

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