The MomsTown Guide Skyrockets

From: Moms Town
Published: Mon Oct 17 2005

Two stay-at-home are on a mission to help busy moms discover and act on what is important to them as women and as mothers. Mary Goulet and Heather Reider are authors of The MomsTown Guide to Getting it All; A Life Makeover for Stay-at-Home Moms. Their book recently skyrocketed to the top of and The book, which had been in the 7,000 range recently jumped to 8 on Amazonís best selling non-fiction list.

Thousands of moms are discovering the power of the MomsTown message. Celebrities are even talking about it. Dr. Phil recently profiled Mary and Heather on his show and has asked the moms to join him in producing more shows for moms.

The MomsTown Guide to Getting It All hit bookstands in August of 2005. Mary and Heather agreed to write the book after an editor at Hyperion Books heard the two moms on the Internet. Mary and Heather co-host a popular Internet talk radio show for moms called MomsTown Reality Radio. They had been on the air for only two months when an editor at Hyperion contacted them to write a book based on their belief that women have an inherent creative power. Women have the power to create life and they have the same ability to breathe life into their potential.

The MomsTown Guide to Getting it All; A Lifestyle Makeover for Stay-at-Home Moms, details the revolution taking place in preschool parking lots across the country. Women are doing a total 180. They are saying good-bye to corporate America in exchange for staying home to raise their children. However, they are educated, hip, and savvy women accustomed to chasing their dreams. They donít want to stop chasing their dreams when they start changing diapers. MomsTown supports each woman in the pursuit of her potential. Mary and Heather truly believe women can stay home, run a business (or an empire), and be fabulously hip and fit.

Hyperion is also excited about the MomsTown message. The cover is light-hearted and fresh; a complement to the tone of the book which is poignant, practical, and timely. This book is destined to become a household manual for any mom who wants to get it all.
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