TimeZone Expert world time zone clock has been released!

From: Cainosoft
Published: Mon Oct 17 2005

Cainosoft has released Timezone Expert World Time Zone Clock Gold edition for Windows. This software replaces the Windows system clock with a multiple time zone world clock with digital skins. This system tray clock conveniently displays multiple time zones alongside to each other showing time and date in the format of your choosing and also comes with a sophisticated alarm system.

Knowing the time around the world has never been simpler.The Internet can give you a means to communicate to everyone all over the world. With just a few button clicks you can start chatting. But is it a "good morning" or "good afternoon"? Perhaps, your friend is already sleeping, but you are still waiting...

What do currency trader,stock trader,international business travelers, ham radio users, travel agents, and eBay snipers have in common? They often need to monitor the time in multiple time zones simultaneously.

A Stock and currency traders need to Know the exact time everywhere, to be better prepared for when to buy and when to sell.A business traveler far away from home needs to know if his or her colleagues might still be in the office. Ham radio users need to know GMT time when communicating with other ham radio enthusiasts. Travel agents want to know local times elsewhere. And an eBay sniper would like to know when biddings for items end in eBay time.

Cainosoft Inc, an software company developing enterprise productivity tools, has released Timezone Expert 2005 Gold edition - a convenient world clock for Windows that can show multiple time zones in Windows taskbar. It replaces the system clock.

The program is very useful when communicating with people in other parts of the globe: such as your friends in other countries, your colleagues in remote offices or in the field, or the home-crowd while you are traveling. This is because Timezone Expert displays the times for any amount of different time zones in place of the normal Windows clock. It also allows you to synchronize your clocks with accurate online time-servers.You can also search more than 250 countries and 3000 cities time zone information around the world and calculate and display the working time overlap for people in different time zones.

Whether you travel from time zone to time zone, have international friends, or are simply on the lookout for high-quality shareware, Timezone expert is the world clock for you!

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