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Published: Mon Oct 17 2005

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Date: 17th October 2005

For many years, having comprehensive motor insurance on your car has meant that it is possible to drive someone else’s car (with the owner’s permission) and be covered by third party insurance. This is known as "driving other car" or DOC cover. That is all set to change, with Norwich Union announcing that they will be withdrawing this option in January 2006, and other insurers set to follow suit.

Their reasons for doing this are to combat people who are currently exploiting the system. Drivers who can’t afford to be insured on the high powered, souped up cars they want to drive instead get comprehensive insurance on a smaller, cheaper car. They can then legally drive their friend’s flashy motor with third party cover.

This move will also help the Police crack down on uninsured drivers who are stopped when they are driving their friend’s car. At the moment, uninsured drivers can give their friend’s details and say they are driving on third party "driving other car" cover. It takes up valuable Police time and resources to be able to prove whether or not this is true.

However, drivers have hit back saying that the few are ruining it for the masses. DOC cover is supposed to be used in emergencies, which could leave thousands of people stranded across the UK.

Here is an example of a situation for which DOC cover was designed:

A driver and a passenger go out for the day, and the driver hurts his hand whilst he is out and can’t drive back safely. The passenger, who has comprehensive insurance on another car, would be able to drive them both home under DOC cover.

The announced changes mean that this pair would have to call someone else to come and pick them up, and abandon the vehicle until either the driver is able to drive it again or it can be towed home. Drivers argue that this is totally impractical.

It is predicted that these changes could lead to many unintentionally uninsured drivers on the roads, the complete opposite of what the move is trying to achieve.

Rebecca Pearson of says on the matter:

"Whether you agree with the changes or not, make sure that you check the small print of your car insurance policy so you know whether you are covered to drive someone else’s car. We always ask our customers whether they need insurance for driving other cars - with us they can be sure they have the cover they require. If you are stopped while driving without insurance, your car can be seized and criminal proceedings started against you."


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