Planon launches the WebRacer

From: Planon System Solutions
Published: Tue Mar 15 2005

15 March 2005 - Planon System Solutions, Inc., makers of the DocuPen have used this year’s CeBIT to launch the webRacer, which claims to be the first dedicated mobile internet device.

The webRacer is a fully portable mobile phone accessory that delivers full web access. Using Bluetooth® technology, the device connects wirelessly to mobile phones and web access is provided through virtually any mobile network provider.

With a screen size of up to five times larger than other handheld device screens and with a full featured keyboard, the webRacer is the first device to provide mobile access exactly as you would see it on a conventional PC and yet small enough to fit in your pocket.

Unlike smart phones or PDAs, the webRacer’s larger screen delivers an experience similar to that of desktop browsing — through a full VGA-width, 640-pixel, colour display, compared to 320 pixels on most PDAs and 120 pixels on most wireless phones. It provides full, unaltered Web access without ‘scrunching’ content through Web clipping, transcoding or reformatting. WebRacer’s users are able to access the Web in its original HTML content, with the original layout and full graphics in a matter of seconds.

The webRacer reduces the file size of the images on the web pages, thus speeding up web access. Page downloads take just five to seven seconds on average, far faster than any smart phone or Internet enabled PDA.

At just 151x75 mm, less than 15mm thick and weighing only 167 grams the webRacer is small and light enough to be carried in a shirt pocket or handbag. Yet it offers a wide screen that, unlike web-enabled cell phones, shows "real" web pages without reformatting or clipping. Users see everything they would on a PC browser, giving them complete access to any of billions of web pages.

The webRacer uses a clamshell design, with both its screen and keyboard oriented horizontally.
It features a large "human-sized" QWERTY keyboard that allows easy email or other keyboard-based data entry.

Along with accessing general web content like online newspapers, magazines, sports and political news, weather reports, restaurant listings or city maps, as well as using web e-mail and messaging, the webRacer offers professionals access to specialised data, i.e. market information, insurance or financial calculators, e-commerce sites or competition products, thus increasing their productivity, letting them spend less time in the office and more time with their customers.

"It’s the real Web as people are used to experience it on their desktop," says Doug Verkaik, CEO of Planon. "The webRacer provides the freedom to fully use the Internet from anywhere, a car, a hotel, the airport, or while showing your products or services to a customer — all from an innovative device that’s small enough to fit in your pocket."

Planon System Solutions’ CEO will be available in Hall1, Stand 3d16, Booth A01 - USA Pavilion to demonstrate the webRacer and answer any questions.

Product Specs

Display 640 x 240 Pixels (Full VGA Width)
Download Speed Pages Download in 7 Seconds or Less
Connectivity Bluetooth® Interface
Network Compatibility All mobile phone networks
Dimensions (mm) 151.8 x 75.4 x 14.7
Weight (g) 167.2
Battery Lithium Ion Rechargeable
Keyboard and Mouse Full "QWERTY" thumb keyboard and mouse pointer

Hi-resolution images of the webRacer are available from:


Offered exclusively by Planon System Solutions Inc. the webRacer is available at our website: The webRacer retails at EUR 166.99 (VAT excl) and Planon server fee of 7.89EUR/mth to utilise our technology that provides speeds up to 10x faster and dramatically reduces data consumption that can save you much more on your dataplan.


The webRacer comes with the following optional accessories: Leather case, car charger, Bluetooth modem as well Bluetooth add-ons for most cell phones without Bluetooth capability. (All accessories are sold separately)

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