Archbishop Gary Beaver expresses grief over losses caused by earthquake in Pakistan

From: Old Catholic Church of Great Britain
Published: Mon Oct 17 2005

Old Catholic congregations across the country prayed on Sunday for the thousands killed in the tragedy, as well the many left injured, helpless and homeless.

"On behalf of the Old Catholic community, I would like to express condolences and sympathies for victims of the catastrophic earthquake that has devastated the northern areas of Pakistan," said Archbishop Gary Beaver.
Pakistan had raised its estimate of the death toll from 25,000 to 38,000, but said it was likely to rise well beyond 40,000 as news gradually came through from remote valleys. A further 1,650 have been killed in India, making it the strongest quake to hit south Asia in a century.

As attention moves onto the rescue operation, a massive international relief effort is now under way to help the millions left homeless, out in the open air, and many with wounds that could soon become infected.

The Most Reverend Father, Archbishop Gary Beaver, has sent a message to church leaders in Pakistan and India following the earthquake in the region. In his official letter, Archbishop Gary speaks of his distress on hearing of the destruction and assures them of prayers as they tackle the work of rescue and recovery.

The full text of the message is below:

"My dear brothers

We have seen the media coverage and heard with great distress, the news of the horrendous devastation caused in Pakistan and India by the earthquake. In Great Britain, where so many of our communities have links with the region, the impact of this tragedy is truly felt and our thoughts are very much with you.

Please be assured that your brothers and sisters in England are with you in your grief, and are praying God to strengthen you.

With every blessing to you and your people."

+ Abp Gary Beaver
The Old Catholic Church of Great Britain

As the world responds to Pakistan's appeals for relief, there is one light in this moment of darkness. Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf and the Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh have pledged to help one another. Both leaders must learn to trust and take it beyond just an offer. They must tend to the injured and rebuild homes on both sides of the"Line of Control" which appears the worst affected and truly make borders irrelevant.
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