Let the cookie crumble this festive season!

From: Cookie Man
Published: Tue Oct 18 2005

Chennai October 2005: With the festive season round the corner, loud crackers and dazzling fireworks threatening to out beat the colourful diyas, an enchanting festive fervour has set in. The festive season of ‘Diwali’ is coming again, promising to bring in brightness and zest to our lives.
Enthusiasm is truly the name of the game, when it comes to the numerous festivals that we Indians celebrate. Festivals for us mean coming together of friends and relatives and exchange of goodies. Diwali is no different. In fact during the Diwali season people get attracted to a sweet shop just like the way ants get drawn to a crystal of sugar. Be it a company or a household, everybody buys sweets to give to their employees and near and dear ones in this season. Probably it is the only time when the family of the employee looks forward to receiving gifts from the company.
What does one eventually get to eat (or see)? Boxes with assorted sweets, with the same set of sweets in every box! You give a box of sweets and get something similar in return. And what happens when you get too many of them? Either they are not consumed due to health reasons or one gets tired of them and they are wasted. But yes gifting sweets has been a ‘ritual’ of sorts for number of years and has by now created dislike in the minds of many.

As a result this traditional gesture seems to have come of age. Companies are now looking for more contemporary alternatives to gift their staff this festival season. In such a case a western gifting product like cookies seem to be making a viable gift option in a corporate basket. It has a distinct advantage over sweets, it not only has a longer shelf life but also remain fresh and unlike some sweets they are not prepared months in advance.
John Lynch, Chairman Cookie Man India says, "Cookies are the preferred gift-choice for new-age companies in sectors such as IT, BPOs and insurance. Last year, nationally we did Rs. 1 crore worth of cookie sales during the festival season, and we expect it to be around Rs. 2.5 crore this year. "

Cookies have definitely caught the attention of many this season. These are considered to be the ideal gifts as they are not only fresh, but also different from the rest. The person giving them has an exceptional joy of giving something special and the person receiving them can also cherish something different this Diwali.

Compact and stylish packs of cookies have given a new meaning to gifting sweets, this festive season.

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