Tunstall Introduces Enhanced Range of Door Entry and Access Control Solutions

From: Tunstall Group
Published: Tue Oct 18 2005

18 October, 2005 – Tunstall, the world’s leading supplier of personal and home reassurance telecare solutions, has launched a new and enhanced range of door entry and access control solutions to provide increased security and protection for buildings and residents.

By providing restricted, authorised access, the door entry solutions not only benefit residents and employees with enhanced security and protection, but also owners and those responsible for housing and office blocks, helping to reduce the burden of maintenance and prevent vandalism and other anti-social behaviour such as burglary and bogus calling.

Tunstall’s range of access control solutions can be used for single or multiple door sites, suitable for small retirement developments to centrally-managed multiple office complexes and tower blocks with over 1000 dwellings. Solutions can be tailor-made to work with specific doors, to include timing restrictions and to link in with CCTV systems to monitor and record access.

Designed for small sheltered housing and residential developments with less than 20 dwellings, the Identifone 200 and 250 offer audio door entry for secure caller verification. Additional functionalities on the Identifone 250 include video verification and secrecy of speech, ensuring only the called resident can communicate with the visitor.

A digital door entry system for larger complexes, the Concierge 300 has digital keypads and speech messages to giver callers information on the progress of their call. Residents have the security of speech-based and visual caller verification, and the option of answering calls via their own telephone or redirecting the call to another chosen number if they are unavailable to answer the call.

The Concierge 2 is a digital solution specifically for tower blocks and multi-dwelling complexes. Access to the complexes is controlled and monitored by automatically transferring all door entry calls to the concierge or caretaker, who have a database of who is allowed access. This helps to protect residents and the building by preventing bogus callers and unwanted visitors entering the complex.

Both Concierge systems offer additional security to employees and residents with door lock and door open monitors, which notify users when a door lock is released or if it has not been properly closed.

Building providers and managers benefit not only from the increased security and the associated reduction in vandalism, but also from the flexibility of the Tunstall solution, which enables them to link multiple tower blocks or office complexes into one centrally managed system, including control of the CCTV equipment, for increased efficiency and more effective management.

The systems meet DDA requirements, supporting residents and workers with disabilities, with DDA compliant door panels, extension beacons, push to open buttons and induction loops. The door entry systems feature raised central 5 buttons, audible user instructions and a clearly marked, illuminated visual display.

Tunstall’s door entry solutions have been installed in Trident House in Birmingham, where they have successfully helped to reduce instances of crime and vandalism. The key fob entry system has improved security, given residents more reassurance and contributed towards the redevelopment of the area.

Mark Elliss, Commercial Director at Tunstall said: "The advanced functionality of door entry and access solutions offers users valuable security and more control in their home and working environment.

"Multiple office or tower blocks can be linked for effective, centrally managed monitoring, reducing the burden of maintenance for the building owner and helping to eliminate instances of vandalism and burglary."

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