Fast and Accurate Transition between Varied Image Formats

From: Softplicity
Published: Tue Oct 18 2005

Fast and Accurate Transition between Varied Image Formats
Today the family of CoolUtils tools for work and pleasure has been extended with Total Image Converter. It supports over fifty image formats and features robust conversion engines, variety of custom adjustments, and a handy user interface.

Every new tool developed under CoolUtils brand name stretches the bounds of the Windows core functionality. In case of Total Image Converter the user gets access to the diversity of image formats and processing algorithms. An easy one-click transition between image formats allows better usage of available viewing and editing resources. It becomes the cementing force that brings together image-handling applications deployed in the user’s system. The program makes available not-tampered-with quality of RAW images and the utility of JPEG standard. Total Image Converter packs your images into the compact PGN format and an easy to parse PXM file. High resolution images retain their superior quality when converted into Photoshop’s PSD file or Kodak Photo CD. Whether for image processing, storing, or viewing, Total Image Converter provides the user with a fast and accurate image conversion.

Users’ testimonials illustrate the variety of needs provided for in Total Image Converter: "Working with images daily, I prefer heavy formats. When I send them over the net, however, I need to pack them. Yours is the first program that offers such a capital choice of compression. Have been enjoying it much and highly recommend to others," says J. Allen, Ireland. "When we travel, the daily routine is to send pictures from different sites. Sometime you need to compress hosts of images and send them out on the go. Total Image Converter is a great helper when it comes to batch conversion. I wish we had known about it before," says Gilly West.

Interface features make using Total Image Converter truly enjoyable. Image preview allows quick glimpse for all supported formats. The image details area shows everything the EXIV tag provides with, starting with the date and finishing with the camera model. The quick check buttons and custom masks with wildcards make conversion even faster. Total Image Converter is the right thing in the right place.

In addition to the rich format support and comfortable interface, Total Image Converter offers a good choice of custom adjustments. Each format has its own adjustment wizard. The common ones are resizing and rotation. After resizing, any image will easily fit an office document with no much effect on the document’s size. Sending holiday snapshots to friends or publishing them on a website gets faster and handier. It is even possible to redecorate one’s mobile phone or a handheld with a new background. Knowing the target screen size, it gets a few clicks to resize an image and send it to the device. If image quality and smoothness needs improving, Total Image Converter will prompt for correction value. For compressed images the level of compression allows various adjustments depending on the format capabilities. Other adjustments include colour and transparency. Such custom conversion brings forward the advantages of each format and allows choosing the one that better satisfies the user’s needs.

Features at a Glance:
- Support most recent formats, including BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, Portable Network Graphics (PNG),Adobe Photoshop (PSD, PDD), Kodak Photo CD (PCD), TIFF, Vector graphics, ZSoft Paintbrush, DR Halo (CUT), Portable Pixmap, Truevision TGA, Raw formats;
- Image preview area;
- EXIV tag view area;
- Batch and command line modes;
- Custom adjustments: resizing, rotation, quality improvement, colour and transparency, compession;
- Intuitive user interface, adjustment wizard for each format.

Availability and Pricing
Total Image Converter runs under Windows 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP platforms and costs $19.90 USD for a single-user edition. All registered users are entitled to free technical support. A fully-functional evaluation version is available as a free download at
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