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From: LetsComIT
Published: Tue Oct 18 2005

LetsComIT’s fully flexible, customizable and adaptable PDA solution has always been at the cutting edge of mobile data technology. Now, by offering an integrated link to satellite navigation packages, LetsComIT have raised the bar a step further.

In the mobile data marketplace, the first priority of every company employing a PDA solution was to get information out to their workforce and returned as quickly and as accurately as possible, eliminating re-typing of job sheets and inaccurate data. PDA technology, while heralding a new era of less wastage of fuel, time and man hours, meant engineers still had to re-input data manually into various satellite navigation packages to navigate effectively.

Now, with the rise in PDA based satellite navigation software, LetsComIT integrate both your mobile data application and satellite navigation to fully optimize man hours and keep customers up-to-date.

Rather than inputting postal codes directly into their PDA, LetsComIT’s link automatically recognises the engineer’s current location, and the postcode contained within the job details and calculates instantly the quickest route.

As soon as job details are received by the engineer, he can press a button marked ‘drive’. This will instantly calculate the most efficient route to the address detailed within the job records.

Not only can postcodes be instantly inputted into TomTom from job reports sent to a PDA, but LetsComIT PDA solution will, uniquely, send a text message to a customer when an engineer is a pre-defined distance from their appointment.

Should the job require, engineers can now also give their customers a much more accurate estimated time of arrival, as the satellite navigation package is able to give travelling time information alongside the expected distance. This information can be sent directly to a customers’ mobile phone, in the form of a text message, at pre-defined intervals. For example, this can be set to when the engineer is 15 minutes from his destination; however, LetsComIT’s fully customizable solution can be set to generate this message at any time.

By linking between the PDA solution and satellite navigation software, both the customer and main offices are kept fully informed of each engineer’s location, providing a simple and cost-effective alternative to tracking.

Why track when you can communicate?


LetsComIT, part of the CTI Groupe, premier industrial group of Northern France, provide fully customizable PDA solutions for industry. Based in Leeds, LetsComIT work alongside some of the UK’s leading businesses to optimize communication between offices and mobile workers.

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