IPWorx.com releases Paperboy - the simple and powerful email list manager

From: IPWorx.com
Published: Tue Oct 18 2005

Edmond, Oklahoma, October 16 2005 -- IPWorx.com has just announced the release of its hot new product: IPPaperboy. Powerful and easy email list management. Maintain lists with bounce detection..

Powerful and easy email list management! Whether you are putting out a corporate mailer or a newsletter for the family reunion, Paperboy is there for you. Create mass mailing lists from scratch or from data saved in almost any format. Manage any number of seperate lists with powerful text editing and WYSIWYG HTML editing. Embed random advertisements in your mail to help generate revenue (hey, writers need to eat too!). Archive your mailings to HTML to display past issues on your website.

Features: Multiple Lists, Advanced Address Import Capabilities, Blacklisting, Page Tags, Credit-Based Advertisement System, Double Opt-In Functionality, Built-In Text and HTML Editors, Multiple Attachment Capability, Test Send and WYSIWYG Preview, One-Click Manual Actions, Automatic Archives with HTML Export, Built-In Messages & Reports, Automatic Polling & Responding, Highly Configurable Mail Processing Rules, Detailed Individual Logs, much more.

About IPWorx.com:
IPWorx.com is a company that exists to provide affordable business solutions. IPWorx.com has offered software and network support since 1994, now online offering our networking software at bookstore prices.

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