HatcH fest 2005 More than just watching movies-

Published: Tue Oct 18 2005

Bozeman, MT. The Hatch bubble of creativity for film, music, art, photography, design, writing, and technology bursts with an explosion of knowledge, insider secrets and anecdotes. Over fifty mentors worldwide arrived to Bozeman, to showcase diverse applications of filmmaking, music, and visual creations, changing the way we think about the arts and commerce forever! The 2nd Annual Hatch Audiovisual Arts Festival Innovator’s Lounge was located at Emerson Culture Center’s Ballroom at 111 St Grand Avenue in Bozeman, MT held October 4th –9th 2005.

The Innovative Hatch lounge is part of Hatch’s ongoing commitment to thrust young entertainment prodigies into the forefront of the business, by creating direct links with industry professionals and young talent. HATCH FEST 2005 Innovator’s Lounge hosted fifteen panels, 6 Hatch Labs (mentor-driven workshops), and displayed the work of over 20 artists in the town alone.

Among the showcased artists, renowned sculptor Debbie Butterfield, had her artwork "ULTIMATE HORSEPOWER" displayed next to prototype racecars R8 at the Dick Walter Audi Center. Other displays include, Zak Zakovi, MSU Grad Student-Craig Van den Bosch, Susan Dabney, Jerry Rankin, Tom Thornton, Tina DeWeese, Gennie DeWeese, Ellen Ornitz, Diane Corson, Danny Voulkos, Katrin Voulkos, David Lemon, David Harrington, Rocky Hawkins, Jackie Rainford, and high school students- Jeremy Smania & Kessa Sovulewski, including "Hatchling" showcases from young Hawthorne students.

Hatch’s mission goes far beyond the duration of the festival itself. Hatch forges continuous relationships with artistic protégés in an act of guidance and mentorship. For next year’s Innovator’s Lounge, "Conception to Completion", attendees and observers will witness how a creative minds’ brilliance and success evolves from napkin notes to hit songs, from notebook sketches to winning auto prototypes and award-winning homes, to lauded fashion designs and Oscar-nominated films. This ambitious project is a merge of ingenuity between University Grad Students of MSU as part of their new competitive curriculum series.

The 2nd Annual Hatch Audiovisual Festival is a non- profit organization dedicated to the mentorship activities of young emerging talents in film, music, fashion and fine art. This powerful mentorship tool, merges new filmmakers, artisans and musicians with some of the world’s most recognized mentors in their category. With industry wide sustain, this festival is brought to fruition by the unwavering support and dedication of its founders and team, whose union represents the most talented and unstoppable resource pool in their respective fields. Major sponsors of the event include Moonlight Basin Ski & Spa Resort, Getty Images, Gibson Guitar, Panavision, and The Syndicate. Local sponsors include, Montana Film School, Thirsty Ear, Music Villa, The Emerson, The Baxter, The Eagle, The Moose, The Zebra, Dick Walter, KGLT, and Classic Ink.

The Festival took place October 4th- 9th, in Bozeman, MT; with the showcased artistic talents at the Emerson Culture Center’s Ballroom at 111 St Grand Avenue, Bozeman. Additional features include 10 Groundbreaking student films, 10 feature films, panels, musical performances, workshops, one on one peer discussions, and celebrity guest appearances by the industry’s most famed, directors, producers, artists and musicians.

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