Tis the season to be merry!

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Published: Wed Oct 19 2005

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Date: 14 October 2005

Tis the season to be merry!!!

We all understand the perils of drink driving. It kills innocent people, the drink driver will lose their licence, they may go to prison, they might lose their job, their car insurance premiums will double and they’ll have it all on their conscience for the rest of their life. All of the above are great reasons to say no to that drink.

It may be a blow to find that it’s your turn to drive, when you were hoping for a pina colada or two, but it happens to us all eventually. You are officially the designated driver.

If you like the odd drink, especially over the party season when it’s almost tradition to attend as many parties as possible and to endure a handful of fruity hangovers, then having to drive can be a pain. There is however a definite stigma attached to the behaviour of drink drivers nowadays, so boozing into the wee hours and then getting behind the wheel is not an option.

While it may not be quite the same, there are a multitude of non alcoholic cocktails that you can mix up at a party or ask for in the bar. If you don’t like the ‘non alcoholic’ taste of non alcohol beer then it may be the path you should take.

The people at Hoot Car Insurance www.hootcarinsurance.co.uk , the home of cheap car insurance for young people on the internet, really know how to get into the party spirit without actually getting stuck into ‘party spirits’. Here’s their round up of the top alcohol free cocktails.

Brown Horny Toad – For reptile lovers

50ml pineapple juice
50ml orange juice
25ml lemon juice
5ml grenadine
5ml gomme
Pinch of ground cinnamon, pinch of ground cloves
Shake ingredients with ice and strain over fresh ice into a highball
Garnish with an orange and lemon slice
Tenderberry – For those with a soft spot for strawberries and cream

6-8 fresh strawberries
25ml grenadine
25ml double cream
Ginger ale
Blend the strawberries, grenadine and cream with crushed ice
Pour in a glass and top with ginger ale giving a good stir

Virginpolitan – For Sex in the City fans

100ml cranberry juice
25ml orange juice
50 ml orange juice
50ml grapefruit juice
A squeeze of lime
Pour into a Collins glass and garnish with a wedge of lime
Nicholas – For anyone, er, called Nicholas

Splash each of;
Orange juice
Sour mix
Dash of Grenadine
Shake & Serve over ice in a Highball glass
PMS – This one’s for girls, alright?
Equal parts of;
Cranberry & Orange juice
Serve over ice in a Highball glass
Pearls and Lace – A posh one, for ladies
2 oz. each of;
Orange soda
Root Beer
Splash of Lemonade
Combine with ice in a tall glass
Liver recovery – More of a health drink than a cocktail
Juice of two apples
6 strawberries
Blend the juice with a handful of ice cubes and pour into a large glass

Ugly – No comment
Pour equal amounts of grapefruit and orange juice over plenty of ice and serve with straws.
Frosty Nog – For those who have forgotten to wear their long Johns
½ cup of egg nog
2 tablespoons of sugar
Combine the eggnog and sugar in a blender, and slowly add three cups of ice, blend until smooth and frosty. Garnish with almonds and nutmeg.
So there you have it, a special selection of drinks you can whip up in a blender or just pour into a glass. With such delicious beverages available you might even choose to be designated driver next time!
(Disclaimer: We will not be held responsible for the reaction of the barman when you ask for a brown horny toad).

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