Comodo heats up the desktop security space by releasing enterprise strength Personal Firewall free o

From: Comodo Inc
Published: Wed Oct 19 2005

October 19th 2005, New York, NY US. Comodo Inc, a global leader in Identity and Trust Assurance Management solutions today announced the release of Comodo Personal Firewall. The announcement means users can benefit from the security afforded by a full network and application level personal firewall and forms another plank of Comodo's strategy to help eradicate identity theft and online fraud by providing users with essential security tools free of charge.

Comodo Personal Firewall makes use of the same methods as expensive, enterprise firewalls but simplifies the operation of the product to meet the needs of a less technically savvy consumer. Technologies include advanced TCP/IP filtering, IP fragmentation handling, denial of service resistance and a full application based traffic filtering layer. The firewall hands home users out of the box protection against hackers, trojan horse programs, keyloggers and other internet borne threats

Comodo's latest offrering is the only personal firewall which provides full parent application control in its rules. This feature helps to detect illegal usages of allowed applications such as the case when a malicious trojan application is using Internet Explorer to connect to the Internet to transmit confidential user information.

Comodo have been long term proponents of the need to secure the home and home office if the specter of online fraud and identity theft is to defeated,
"As leaders in the online security and identity assurance market, we recognize that one of the roots of the explosion in online fraud lies with the vulnerability of home users. As an industry we must take responsibility to empower such users with tools that enable them to proactively fight back against the threats they face. Our personal firewall is powerful enough to be integrated into the toughest of layered network security architectures yet easy enough for even a novice to figure out. The investment cost of developing such powerful, free tools as these is a small price to pay if the result is a safer e-commerce environment", commented Melih Abdulhayoglu, President and CEO Comodo Inc.

The firewall also features a friendly graphical user interface, highly visual traffic monitoring tools and wizard based configuration of firewall rules - ensuring that users will not have deal with complex configuration issues after installation.

Comodo Personal Firewall is compatible with the full range of Windows operating systems and can be downloaded along with a free license at

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