Postie with the Mostie! AfterworkWear Targets Untapped Postal Employee Market This Christmas

From: Postie with the Mostie AfterworkWear
Published: Wed Oct 19 2005

"There is no other product like it in the marketplace," company founder John Ellis said. "Our brand, marketed as ‘afterworkwear’, targets the pride in postal employees and empowers them to show their pride amongst their friends, family and community."

Since its launch in August 2005, Ellis has sold over 100 products to co-workers in the Guelph (Ontario, Canada) Post Office. "These sales figures may initally seem low, but when you consider there are 130 employees in our office, that accounts for an acceptance rate of over 75% amongst employees," Ellis said. "I have also received a considerable number of calls (garnered from local media coverage) from friends, family and customers of postal employees who are looking for unique Christmas gift ideas." Ellis has also received orders online from as far as Kamloops, British Columbia and Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia.

Company: Postie with the Mostie AfterworkWear
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