National Best Selling Author Joan Robertson of In The Winter of Her Season recieves top book review

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Published: Thu Oct 20 2005

Brooklyn, New York - National Best Selling Author Joan Robertson of In The Winter of Her Season recieves top book review. First-time Novelist Joan Robertson Author of In The Winter of Her Season writes about triumph and hope. Every year, publishers receive hundreds of thousands of manuscripts from would be authors, hoping for a chance at their first bestseller. Joan Robertson was no different. As a self-proclaimed conqueror of life's storms, Joan Robertson believes she was destined to write her first novel, In The Winter Of Her Season , June 2005, softcover/$19.95). After years of work, Robertson's book is finally available.

The book chronicles the life of Sandra Hamilton, a young businesswoman, who travels to Massachusetts to help care for her cancer-stricken father. Upon arriving, Sandra is haunted by the ghosts of her childhood, and suffers many painful losses, causing her to spiral into deep-rooted despair. Through inspiration and the insight of a trusted confidant, Sandra comes to believe that she can transcend her challenges, cultivating a connection with her own inner voice and finally revealing her family's secrets. In the end, Sandra learns the lesson of forgiveness, and rediscovers faith, love, God, and herself.

Robertson believes her message is a timely one. Today, women suffer depression in far greater numbers than men, the result of stress, strain, pressure, and even abuse. "Sandra's journey is laced with heartache, but also humor and probing realism," says Robertson. "The story invites women to evaluate the trials of their lives, gaining wisdom, meaning, and strength from them."

Joan Robertson has twenty years of experience as a technical writer, but her love for creative writing as a tool for healing goes much farther. In addition to In the Winter of Her Season, Robertson is also a published poet.

Joan Robertson has participated in workshops by the international organization Voices in Action (Voices In Action is an internationaal organization providing assistance to adult and adolescent victums of child sexual abuse and other sexual trauma, including rape. They help victums become survivors and create accurate public awareness of the prevalence of child sexual abuse and other sexual trauma, its impact, and ways in which it can be prevented or stopped through educational programs), located in Cincinnati, Ohio,

Women’s Health Expo and Film Festival at LIU’s Brooklyn Campus, and other events around the country.

Book Reviewed by Antonio Richardson

In The Winter of Her Season, by Joan Robertson, quickly captivates its audience by introducing the reader to the three-dimensional journey of the heart, mind, and soul of the heroine Sandra Hamilton. In Ms. Robertson’s novel, Sandra Hamilton travels home to help care for her sick father, but as the story unfolds, home becomes the scene of a past crime where her repressed memories of stolen youth are slowly unearthed. With familiar surroundings of home and family, Sandra’s journey is transformed into a spiritual one. Such transformation causes her to look inward, outward and upward to gain clarity of a buried past that has anchored her spirit from childhood through adulthood, resulting in a love/hate relationship with herself, men, and God. Yet, it is the poignancy of Sandra’s self-examination that caresses this fragile tug of war, leaving her soul barren and emotionally spent. Ms. Robertson catapults the reader into fast moving spirals of inquiry and discovery, placing you across from or next to her heroine’s deepest chambers of despair that strengthens your resolve. But this despair, in time, becomes the backbone of Sandra’s healing, as she learns the lesson of forgiveness, thereby freeing her from the past.

The delicacy of Sandra's childhood ordeal leaves the reader wanting answers to the questions of "How?" and "Why?" With only one response, "Never Again!" Given the proper audience, In The Winter of Her Season will do for victims of incest what the The Color Purple had done for victims of domestic violence: lifting the lid off another taboo that desperately needs to be unearthed and given a proper burial.

Antonio Richardson, Author of The Torch Carrier - A Poetic Saga of Love.

Author Joan Roberston will be participating in the upcoming Self-Published Authors Sympsium at the Schomberg Center in Harlem which will be held Early Spring 2006. To inquire about the upcoming Self-Published Authors Symposium log on to

For more information, or to purchase a copy of In the Winter of Her Season, visit Joan Robertson’s is also available at, Hue-man’s Bookstore, Sister’s Uptown Bookstore which are located in Harlem, New York.
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