Yash Technologies Releases Integration Portlets for MS Exchange Server

From: Yash Technologies, Inc.
Published: Thu Oct 20 2005

SCHAUMBURG, IL October 11, 2005 -- In response to increased customer demand for fully functional out-of-the-box portlets for groupware integration and collaboration, Yash Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise portals solutions, announced today release of SyncEx Portlets for use by enterprise customers worldwide.

The new offering gives Portals customers the ability to integrate Microsoft Exchange emails, appointments, contacts, tasks into their portals quickly and easily. All SyncEx Portlets are JSR 168 compliant, hence can be used with nearly all major portal servers. JSR 168 is a standard, adhered by all major portal vendors now, that allows portlets developed for one portal server to be used by other portal servers without any change in code.

Groupware and collaboration systems such as Microsoft Outlook/Exchange are standard applications for many businesses worldwide. These systems contain years of mission critical information about employees, customers, and suppliers etc. However, many of today’s customer and employee facing portals are independently run with no interface to business critical applications such as email, contacts, calendar etc. In order to provide greater integration and a unified window for the key stakeholders, it is imperative that the information is incorporated into company portals.

Unlike many portal offerings for groupware integration, the SyncEx Portlets go beyond providing minimal data and a hyperlink that launches Microsoft's Outlook Web Access or Lotus' web client. The SyncEx Portlets provide real-time integration and enablement of Microsoft Exchange features from inside the portal. In addition, the SyncEx Portlets ship with a fully customizable API for enabling additional integration specific to business requirements.

The key benefit to many enterprises would be to minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) as these portlets would eliminate the need for having an email client software and provide access dynamically through Web Access.
The SyncEx Portlets are JSR 168 Compliant and offer customers the following business benefits:
* Promote portal application adoption with familiar information that is used daily by all employees across the organization.
* Meet specific business needs with flexible portlets that can be customized.
* Improve productivity, communication and collaboration within the organization.
* Increase return-on-asset with reduced vendor lock-in risks.
* Deliver new services at low cost.

"Companies are looking for ways to integrate information and applications to their portals as quickly and painlessly as possible," said Manoj Baheti, CEO of Yash Technologies. "The SyncEx Portlets do just that. We are helping our customers see a faster return on their portal investment because portal stakeholders are able to leverage data in the portal quickly and seamlessly on a daily basis."

For more information on the SyncEx Portlets and free evaluation software, visit http://www.SyncEx.com/. For a live demonstration or pricing information, please contact SyncEx at 847-903-2564 or sales@SyncEx.com.

About Yash Technologies:
YASH Technologies Inc. is a leading IT company, providing enterprise solutions and services for Fortune Global 500 customers around the world. Our mission is to help leading global corporations create and sustain a competitive advantage. SyncEx products enable organizations to harness the power of collaborative applications, increasing efficiency and enhancing communication among employees, customers and partners. For more information please visit us at: www.yash.com. For more information, contact us at info@SyncEx.com, 847-517-3330 / 1 Ext.#315, Fax: 847-919-4628
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