The Menopause Revolution: Smashing the HRT Myth

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Published: Thu Oct 20 2005

BALTIMORE, Md./October 20, 2005/- Human genome mapping may hold the simple key to eliminating menopausal symptoms without the use of synthetic hormone therapy. In "The Menopause Revolution: Smashing the HRT Myth" (Agora Health Books, $19.95,, pioneering physician, professor and author Dr. Martin Milner, N.D., explains the genetic link to menopause and presents a natural, individualized approach to treating its symptoms.

"The Human Genome Project gave us a whole new understanding of the entire DNA code," said Dr. Milner. "We now know that individuals are born with slight variations in their genetic code. A woman's personal genetic makeup determines how her body metabolizes estrogen and how much she will suffer from certain menopausal symptoms."

In other words, the Human Genome Project helped to explain why one woman may breeze through menopause with little or no troubling symptoms, while another woman suffers terribly with hot flashes or mood swings. And, said Dr. Milner, basic genetic testing and monitoring can determine exactly what actions are needed to help guide a woman successfully through the menopause years.

In "The Menopause Revolution," Dr. Milner challenges the conventional approach to menopause. Synthetic hormones are not the only - or even the best - option and, as reported in various studies in recent years, carry the risk of dangerous side effects.

"Menopause is as individual as a fingerprint," Dr. Milner explained. "No two women will experience it in the same way. Yet most women are subjected to a one-size-fits-all approach to treating their symptoms. In my opinion, this is just not good medicine."

By shattering the myths surrounding menopause and hormone therapy, Dr. Milner has empowered women with the knowledge they need to make the best choices for their bodies and their health. And experts in the field couldn't be happier.

"['The Menopause Revolution' is] essential information for every woman over 40," stated nationally renowned anti-aging expert Randall Wilkinson, M.D. "Dr. Milner has done it again. Bravo!"

Hyla Cass, M.D., women's health authority and author of "8 Weeks to Vibrant Health," agreed. "At last! ... Dr. Milner has shattered the one-size-fits-all hormone therapy myth and presents a safe, healthy, groundbreaking approach that addresses the whole woman," Dr. Cass stated.

"'The Menopause Revolution' should be required reading for every woman on the planet - and their gynecologists," said famed health researcher Jon Barron, author of "Lessons from the Miracle Doctors."

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About the Author
Martin Milner, N.D. is CEO and medical director of the Center for Natural Medicine, Inc.; professor of cardiovascular and pulmonary medicine at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM); and medical advisor for Baltimore's Health Sciences Institute. For over 20 years, Dr. Milner has published texts, medical journal articles and studies in endocrinology, cardiology, pulmonology, oncology and environmental medicine.

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