UK Pharmaceutical Company; Nicogel Limited Launches New Cigarette Replacement Product

From: Nicogel Limited
Published: Thu Oct 20 2005

LONDON/October 20, 2005/- Nicogel Limited a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes smoking alternative products, announced today the launch of a novel cigarette replacement gel called Nicogel(r). Nicogel contains a standardized patented extract from the stems of Nicotiana spp in combination with a transdermal delivery system. Nicogel is like a breath of fresh air for smokers and non-smokers suffering from second-hand cigarette smoke.

John Walters, Ph.D., Nicogel Limited's CEO, and a widely quoted nicotine expert in consumer magazines and guest on national television shows. stated, "The launch of Nicogel is an important milestone in the fight against that burning question can I light up, legislation is tightening all around the world," says Dr. Walters. "We decided that smokers needed an alternative to allow them to bridge the gap when they find themselves in places where smoking is not permitted. will educate smokers on alternative options and encourage patients to see their doctors rather than rely on herbal products that promise help, but often do not deliver on the promise."

Unlike many companies targeting quit smoking, Nicogel is taking a different route and aggressively pursuing the cigarette replacement market, which the company says is significantly larger, approaching £20bn. Nicogel suggested retail price is £9.99 or about $15 USD per the 50ml size.

"Every once in a while, a product comes along just in the nicotine, [Nicogel] is a natural fit for retail, where non-smoking bars and restaurants, need such a product to keep smoking customers from leaving for the preverbal smoking den, the street," says Richard H. Davis, President of Beverage Marketing USA, Inc., "Offering the Nicogel in smoke free bars and restaurants could be a way to keep from losing loyal smoking customers." For more information about Nicogel Limited, please visit:

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Company: Nicogel Limited
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